Things won are done; joy's soul lies in the doing.

~ William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) ~

Isn’t it Time You Had Some Peace?

December 29th, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 23 secs

Ahh, peace and quiet!

Christmas and New Year’s time is often frenzied and full on, isn’t it? There are meals to make, and presents to pick and wrap. With social obligations galore, there are also family gatherings to go to and outings to go on. Yes, the holiday period is busy.

Sometimes, it can feel like a vortex pulling you in. You might want a peaceful spell but events demand your time. So pretty soon you’re busy too, wondering how it ever came to this.

Perhaps because of the whole “you ought to be nice and happy” expectation, it’s even harder to step aside without feeling like you’d somehow be letting the side down. But how much sense does that really make?

Think of the whole point of Christian Christmas. God in all His might, chooses to connect with humanity by becoming the baby of a poor young couple in the troubled times of two thousand years ago. It’s tough for this couple, and Joe knows he’s not the father.

With nowhere to go, Mary was forced to have her baby out the back of a pub in an animal shed. Yet, despite the humblest of surroundings and their situation, the trauma of birth would have quickly given way to the most heartwarming peace. Miracles and signs aside, the wonder of Jesus’ birth alone must have left everyone relieved, comforted, and feeling unspeakably delighted.

Now fast-forward to today and it seems we’ve swapped that kind of peace for a whole host rituals, routines, and pressure. Yes, there is a lot of fun and happiness to be had in a well-planned Christmas celebration. But if we leave out time for peace and reflection, we are definitely missing the biggie.

It’s the same for New Year’s Eve. We know how to party and generally celebrate. But if there’s no time for reflection, except by watching TV programs telling us about the year that was, we’re missing something worthwhile.

Peace and quiet are such rare elements of life today, I’d be surprised if you have had any since you got up. Even now, as you are reading this, I imagine you’ve got background sounds filling the air. There’s okay, of course, except that without peace you’re missing out.

True, peace doesn’t need silence. But it helps. Time out really has impact when we approach some kind of physical stillness. A state where it feels natural to reflect and easy to think. Even if you handle distractions easily, I still believe in the merit of calming peace.

So here is my challenge for you to consider for this coming year. How about finding somewhere at home as your very own peaceful spot?  Decide to go there at least daily and aim to relax. Make sure the phones are off, and it’s as quiet as can be. Then stay for say at least a few minutes. You can even look for an equivalent space near your workplace, either indoors or out (Like a park or unused meeting room). But do it. Why not make this year the start of your own life of peace.*


(*If you already do enjoy peace and plenty of reflection in your life, I’d like to congratulate you on your wisdom. Perhaps you might want to encourage others to do the same, in whatever way suits them. Just share your experience with them and let them see the results for themselves.)


  1. Ruth says:

    I often drive between appointments with no radio/music on for a cone of silence experience in the car. It helps to provide little vignettes of silence during the work day.