Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.

~ Sir Winston Churchill ~

Inside The Landscape Of Your Mind

November 3rd, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 14 secs

Imagine yourself inside the lanscape of your mind.

Imagine yourself inside the lanscape of your mind.

We often picture the mind and the brain as somehow synonymous. Only, they are not. From what neuroscientists know, your brain is thinking HQ. But is that completely true for your mind?

Can your mind reach beyond your physical self? Or, is that merely a tricky brain-generated illusion?

One thing we can say is that the way we think is unique. Regardless of our similarities, you won’t find a carbon copy of your thoughts in any one of the 7 billion other minds currently capering around the planet.

In that sense, I like to conjure up an image of your thinking that’s like a literal place (a landscape of sorts). Because, when you think about things, you are virtually roaming over your mental landscape, trying to find whatever it is you want.

Admittedly, it might not always be that obvious. Like when you think and act on the fly, reacting because a stray dog has just left their calling card at the front door. Yet, when your mind revisits that dream like state you enter when you’re at ease, it is as if you are wandering through a scene that isn’t quite tied to earthly realities.

In that way your mind’s landscape is ethereal, nebulous, and imprecise at the edges. Yet, it also has its definite locations. Take those no go zones you deliberately avoid. Or, those other places you long to revisit if only you can conjure up the experience clearly enough.

To me, the more well defined, tranquil, and beautiful your mental landscape is the more it translates into your daily behavior.

Years ago, with guided visualizations, people were encouraged to find their own “special place” (in their imagination), like maybe a waterfall or cool green glade. But whatever it is, the mind we use to inhabit it has the power to create a health-giving place (somewhere where you can explore your certainties and make a landscape where you are confident, clear, and calm).

Now, if this is all way too “Whoops! Daisy, don’t mind me deary!” metaphysical and “out there,” that’s okay. The point of exploring the world of our thinking is to enlarge our capacity to occupy it more consciously.

For instance, gradually getting to the stage of dismantling your no go zones in your mental landscape is a good thing to do. You should be free to roam freely in your imagination and then decide what is worth revisiting.

In my mental landscape, I see rolling verdant fields, trees, in a peaceful scene that’s intimate and friendly, yet stretches out beyond my imagination.

Talking with people at times about this metaphor, I’ve had a few people tell me what a scary place their own mental landscape is. For them, it’s a place to run away from, meaning (symbolically) that there’s nowhere for them to go that feels safe.

Like all models, this mind approach has flaws. But if you like this idea and start shaping your own personal landscape, it is a fascinating experience (both in layering your thinking and working out your certainties). Try it, and see how you go.

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