Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

~ Oscar Wilde ~

Incredible You

December 11th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 27 secs

You have influence.

Bet you don’t believe it, but I reckon you are incredible. What you are capable of is astonishing. But, being so hard to believe, I expect you quite understandably don’t.

Yet, you’ve got it. You have what it takes to do the remarkable. Yes, it takes effort (everything does). But if you have the desire and the will, over and again, you will surprise yourself.

Some may find this outward love fest of self terribly indulgent and even narcissistic. But it doesn’t hurt to talk about what you can do. To turn the spotlight on your abilities isn’t vain; it’s provoking.

I believe you are probably underestimating your capacities to achieve because, for the most part, that’s what we are inclined to do.

Quite aside from the leap in imagination it takes to conceive what the extent of our abilities, inevitably we have plenty of baggage to deal with. Inside you find guilt, feelings of unworthiness, and self-doubts galore, which tends to hold us back.

Yet we schlep this mess around with us wherever we go, trying hard not to show it, and look like it’s all under control. Which is generally is… on the outside.

If you have no idea what I mean, you better stop reading now. But, if you know what I’m talking about, read on. It could be interesting.

Firstly, I’m not into magic formulas, wishing things into existence, or finding all of life’s answers from some celebrity guru. None of it works and, if anything, the entire process is undermining and patronizing. You and I and everybody else deserve much better than that.

You don’t need magic. Just: awareness, knowledge, the desire, and effort.

You have, within you, the awesome force to be triumphantly good and unspeakably bad.  You can cut people down with words and actions and wreak havoc in every relationship, if you choose. Or, you can build people up with kindness and courage; speak words of wisdom, and lead people in love. The power you have is incredible.

Without a fortune or the genius of Hawking, you possess these powers. Yet, the way we live, we act like we’re nothing special. To me, that’s ridiculous,

You don’t need to do famous things necessarily, nor score loads of awards (though those things are good). What you need to do is live life rich with meaning and transmit it.

Some might say, “But I’m not much good at anything. People barely notice me and I don’t feel like I’ve got much meaning in my life either.” Or, “I’m hardly the high achieving type. The last thing I feel is ‘incredible.’” If so, that’s entirely understandable. But how you feel isn’t the whole story.

Living with influence doesn’t need to be backed by a 21-gun salute and a 12-jet flyover. To persistently care for people with patience will do it too. As will a steady dedication to work, a forgiving nature that accepts the brittle, and a willingness to serve without seeking the limelight. In umpteen “normal” ways we can shape our little corner of the universe and create something others can believe in too.

In the way you make meaning, express, and share it, you are doing something completely unique. That’s where your power lies: doing the remarkable with all that’s otherwise ordinary. And, when you live it with conviction, you’ll not only achieve it, but you’ll believe it too.


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