A day without laughter is a day wasted.

~ Charlie Chaplin ~

I Dont Want to Do Anything With Life

March 3rd, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 39 secs

Argh! Let me sleep! I don't want to do anything with life until nine.

Yes, you do! Unless you’re experiencing clinical depression, saying “I dont want to do anything with life” really means you’re too smart to keep on doing meaningless things.

If you’ve lost your motivation to do all the humdrum things of life, consider why. Assuming you aren’t sick, you may have well come to the conclusion that so much of life is done with too little purpose. If that’s true, then perhaps your disappointment is a sign of intelligence.

Declaring “I don’t want to do anything with life” denounces any activity that feels meaningless. Yet the irony of this denial is that it often leads us into the do nothing camp. Which is to say, “I believe in doing nothing.”  To me, that’s not a good place to park, but it is a reasonable place to go through.

Taking your questioning of existing conditions further can actually lead you to some truly exciting outcomes. That’s why there are so many tales of successful people who reached a point of deep disillusionment early in their life and then decided to take a different course. In a way, reaching the point where you don’t want to do anything with life is a signal, not an endpoint. People who refuse to use this stage to review simply aren’t ready to think. So they stay in a holding pattern, blaming life forever.

Excluding depression, refusing to do anything shouldn’t be considered odd or unnecessary. Instead, consider it as a worthwhile stage; a time to get to grips with what really gets you going and inspires you to live. Otherwise, why would we keep holding on with some degree of comfort? Life itself is a statement of hope. So don’t be alarmed if you feel your motivation slipping. Just see that you need to find more meaning. With a simple mind shift from  “I don’t want to do anything with life” thinking to “I want to do something with my life,” you will have all you need to change everything.

The biggest and most important act you and I ever do is to find the noble purpose we need to drive ourselves forward. Without it, I’d have to conclude that I dont want to do anything with life either.





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