A single rose can be my garden ... a single friend, my world.

~ Leo Buscaglia ~

How To Rise Above The Ordinary

October 7th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 27 secs

How do you live an extraordinary life?

How do you live a life less likely? And what do you do to be more than ordinary? If you’ve ever dreamed of being more than that, I’ve got good news.

Living an extraordinary life is not dependent on where you live, but on you and how you choose. Assuming you have enough food to eat, shelter, clothing, and a basic education, you have all it takes to be capable of extraordinary things. Yet, the way most of us live, you could be forgiven for thinking we’re powerless, unremarkable, and with nothing unique about us. But that’s merely an illusion, robbing us from believing we’re better.

Because its meaning determines everything, let me put “being extraordinary” into context.  By extraordinary, I mean “unusually excellent, uncommon, or astonishing”. Plus, you could also add “different” to the mix if you wish.

To be these things, you must forgo the herd mentality and walk your own way. Deliberately avoid doing what everyone else is doing, at least in the areas that especially matter to you. Then dare to tread your own path boldly with ownership. This is how people from all walks manage to stand out. They reveal in their core beliefs that they really are different.

Next, know what your passion is. If you don’t, make your goal finding it. For when you do, you’ll have all the certainty and enthusiasm that comes from pursuing what’s true for you (if you want to know how to uncover your particular meaning, my book, Happy: How To Live A Beautiful Life Now will help you reveal it).

When you know your passion then you also see how its energy drives you. Through this, you will know there is no alternative but to pursue it, to release the best of yourself.

You might be thinking, “Hang on. Why do I need to believe in something to give of my best?” Well you don’t need to have much to give something. But if you want to know how to have maximum impact, then being energized by your beliefs makes the difference.

Perhaps, reading this, you might decide that being quite so extraordinary isn’t your thing. Or, maybe, that it all sounds too formulaic. Besides, how come some exceptional people don’t follow this approach?

Firstly, you are the captain, so you must decide the right course for you. So, you do the choosing about how much of anything you want to adopt. As for formulas, I encourage you to cherry pick. Decide for yourself what is important to you and act accordingly. The brief nature of a blog post tends to edge toward three step solutions and the like. But discern what’s best for your self. Finally, with success meaning so many different things, it needs pinning down (so we all know what we mean).

If I asked you, “Are you rising above the ordinary?” what would you say? In some ways, it’s a question that could either irk or inspire you. But I want you to know you have infinite value and that you are brimful of astonishing potential. Some may mock that kind of praise, but I’d rather cheer you on to being more of the person who makes yourself proud. Why not find out how to be more extraordinary if it delights you? No need to be some “Uber-Mensch”. Just bold enough to step away from being typical and choose something slightly outrageous. To walk your own way. Today.


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