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How Disaster Hits You

October 24th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 54 secs


Personal disasters often call for tough decision-making.

You know disaster. If you don’t yet, then get ready. Because you know bad things happen.

Whatever your age, benefits or talents, disaster can strike at any time, anywhere. We don’t need to hide or deny it. Crises are a fact of life.

Amidst trouble and pain somehow we have to make life not only “go on” but (somehow) work. Instead of lying down and giving up life gives us the choice to find new ways to cope, overcome, and even, thrive.

That’s why I see happiness differently to the way it’s portrayed. If happiness is built on noble meanings we personally believe in, then potentially, it can even return after disaster. That’s why I believe it’s the best kind of happiness and the only you can wake up to each day.  Fun as all the rest are, they’re simply insufficient.

Talking about travelling with a lovely woman today, she confessed that, much as she’d love to, she would never be going anywhere. The reason? Her husband severely damaged his back through an uninsured work accident. So now, she needs to provide and care for him. That’s why there’ll never be enough for anything but the basics. Struck by her words, f I felt overwhelmed by what she hadn’t said. She and her husband are living through their personal disaster.

Frequently, family problems are kept under the carpet. But disasters of all kinds can beset any of us. To pretend otherwise implies that life is only sweetness and light. That’s not only put-on, it’s deceit.

Still, many a tragedy is unfit for public consumption. So, you’ve got to be selective when sharing your own disaster experience, lest people use your experiences as juicy news.

Whether a car crash, act of violence, freak accident, health trauma, or some other disaster, the results are familiar. You will experience grief, pain, and incredible turmoil. Yet, though tragic, our catastrophes are real and genuinely part of what a full life dishes up.

I would wish you never knew disaster and that, somehow, you will sidestep the trauma of crisis. But, inside, I know that’s unlikely. Rather than pretending catastrophes never happen, I say, prepare yourself. Be ready to love your family through the toughest of times. Be willing to be honest and dare to face pain full on. At least, by daring to have courage in crisis, and be what you need to be, you skip being a victim. Nobody who stands up to meet great challenge ever is. Disaster does at time destroy. But if you survive it, I believe you can also overcome it.

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