The policy of being too cautious is the greatest risk of all.

~ Jawaharlal Nehru ~

How Clever Are You?

April 13th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 4 secs

Actually you are wonderfully clever.

Actually you are wonderfully clever.

You know, you are very clever. Seriously. Whether you struggled with school or hit the heights with top scores and proficiency, it doesn’t matter. You are capable and that matters a lot.

Yet, how often do you find yourself in situations where others push you to do tasks which really aren’t you? When you feel completely uncomfortable because you don’t have the needed skills or don’t understand what you are meant to be doing, there’s a knock on effect. Instead of clever, you can easily feel completely inadequate.

Though you might steer your self-talk to being more reasonable, you still feel small and, ultimately, those feelings get the better of you (It’s like that at times, isn’t it?).

Then, to cap it off, when people around you actively seek to prop themselves up by putting you down, you can easily start believing you must be an imbecile. Any thought of you being “clever” leaves the radar, let alone the realms of likelihood.

At those times when you doubt your capacity, your potential to achieve takes an understandable nosedive. Yet, however deflating it feels, your ability to be clever remains.

You see your ability to do innovative things is continually being renewed. Whatever you have achieved or not is no limit on what you choose to do tomorrow because decision, focus, and practice will let you do almost anything (and that really is clever).

Besides which, since when do we believe we have to be good at everything anyway? Isn’t being clever at a few things more than enough to live very well? In truth, nobody really needs to be proficient at everything (even if they could).

Because the demands of proficiency are limitless, we can never be good at absolutely everything. But that’s fine, just as it’s a useful thing to specialize. Your clever strength is not to achieve across the board perfection but to be able to pick what appeals and apply yourself as much as you like. With that happy knack you can begin to get good at all sorts of new things at any time in your life.

That’s why your academic proficiency isn’t the limitation it might seem to be. Even if you need to go back to school to do what you really want, providing you are in good health, the latest most mature version of you has the cleverness to do it. And, whilst it might not be easy, it certainly is easier with the benefits of life experience and adult determination.

So, forget everything you think you cannot do. You are way cleverer than you give yourself credit (even if you hold yourself in high esteem). Consider what most appeals to you, choose what you will give in exchange to do it and consistently apply yourself with passion. And, as remarkable as that potential is, that’s just one aspect of what makes you clever.

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