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How Babies Teach You

January 29th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 34 secs

Babies have a way of changing everything, don’t they?

What a difference a day makes! Especially when it’s a birthday. Not just any birthday, but the day our first child was born. How well I remember it. Ruth waking me up at 5.00am saying either she had wet the bed or her waters had broken. And me, being a mere male, sleepily mumbling back, “Yes, you must have wet the bed. Better get a towel and go back to sleep.”

That’s how things used to be, “PB (Pre Baby). Even by the ninth month of the invasion of the body snatcher, I remained apprehensive. What if I don’t like it? After all, me with a baby? That can’t be a good mix.

Back then I, like most Dads, was about to go through a major transformation. To be fair I didn’t know much about babies beforehand. I had barely held a baby before let alone taken the time to cuddle one. So perhaps I could be forgiven for my fears.

Happily, something did magically happen to my perceptions the moment our first baby was born. It wasn’t a circus tumbling, ceiling touching event. More a warm glow of profound happiness and satisfaction. Our little baby changed everything.

So ever since, I love babies. Why? I have no idea. But I always smile when I see a baby and immediately feel a little bit of that first warm glow. Being such wonderful little folk, I am amazed that I never saw it before. Scientists in the field will probably assure you that the reason why I and so many other Dads suddenly find the joy of babies is because of some hormone or other. It could be true. I just know one baby – our baby – changed me.

Now I know it’s not a baby’s lusty cry or need to have their nappy (diaper) changed that fills a proud parent’s heart. The real power over parents everywhere is in your baby’s slobbery smile, drink-you-in eyes, and sheer delight in loving relationship.

Through the pleasure of caring for babies we can learn a lot about what it means to be happily human.

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