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Hopes For Single Women Looking Up

September 17th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 0 secs

It’s still hard, but single women are starting to get better work opportunities.

If you are a single woman looking up to a promising career, the view is improving. Gone are the days, at least in most places, of single women having to rely completely on their husbands or families for financial support.

Of course, that’s not the case in places like, say, Pakistan and some parts of Africa, for example. There, single women are caught in a spiral of limited opportunity. Marriage is the only box to tick on the choice list, making independence nothing but a farfetched daydream.

But for the typical single woman looking up towards her career options in the western world or Asia, the future looks brighter than ever. Given:

  • Sufficient education
  • A good attitude
  • Practical ability
  • The willingness to work, and
  • The capacity to produce more than is earned

women have far a better job prospects (at least in comparison to those two decades ago).

Back then there was considerable discourse about workplace “glass ceilings”, quietly denying women from reaching senior positions. Twenty years later things have changed. An ambitious single woman looking up to the higher echelons of her career path can, with enough commitment, have a far better chance of getting there (though, admittedly, career equality is still a work in progress).

Today in Australia, we have a female leader (Prime Minister Julia Gillard), who carved out her career path as an unmarried woman (though she does have a long term partner) and without a background of privilege. To me, that’s a measurable sign of job equality. Quite apart from her politics, it’s simply good to see evidence of a single woman looking up to achieve what was once considered unthinkable. Personally, when any country is ready to handle leadership from either gender, I regard that as a truly healthy sign.

Despite us still experiencing the rigors of the global financial crisis and all the situational difficulties in regions, the outlook for a qualified single woman looking up and aspiring to greater heights is improving. Employers want results and they are far less interested in marital status, gender, or culture, than whether a worker can actually deliver. Increasingly, employability is focusing on competence. Yet, just twenty years ago, I vividly remember the expectation that women did proper work was still a bit wishy-washy. My wife, Ruth, being denied a home loan because she was a woman, was told flatly that she would have to wait until her studying husband got a job.

As for glass ceilings, well if any are left it’s high time we finished smashing them. When we do, we’ll find they’re actually thin toffee, not glass, because there aren’t any good reasons for holding back a single woman looking up to a high-flying career. Whatever a person’s gender or marital status, if they have the capacity and qualities, then that’s all that matters.





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