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High School And Study Skills In The 21st Century

July 31st, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 3 secs

Don't panic.Here are some high school study skills that make the job easier.

Don’t panic.Here are some high school study skills that make the job easier.

You’d think that high school and study skills would have changed drastically over the last 20 years. But education is a ponderous beast. New ideas take an age to trickle through. So what your folks recognize about high school still looks surprisingly similar.

That means they actually could be useful and their advice about doing well at high school – painful as it might be to listen to – has genuine merit. Sorry.

But at least you can do it your way. To help, here are 15 handy tips on doing it for your self:

  1. Sit up the front or within the first few rows. This reduces distractions and makes the teacher think you are brighter (consider it a kind of subliminal thing).
  2. Focus on improving your concentration. Think topic not subject and drill down into the information until you hit something interesting.
  3. Work together with a good study partner or two. This makes it more fun and improves your understanding. But remember you still need to do your own work.
  4. Keep an accurate homework diary. Not only to remember but it also boosts your understanding by giving you a mental hook to hang new information.
  5. Set your standards high. If your bar is higher than your teacher’s they’ll never get vicious with you. Simple.
  6. Fool yourself deliberately by setting false due dates for assignments that are a week too early. Then chill out while everyone else stresses getting their work done at the last moment.
  7. Sleep more! Really. Sleeping helps you remember stuff, but only if you get enough. Try and stick to a regular sleeping pattern and this one lazy tip will increase your ability.
  8. Turn up! Yep. Just attend classes as the process gets your mind thinking about the themes.
  9. Draw more and write less. While it depends what kind of person you are, doodling simple pics of ideas and linking words to them is an effective technique to remember anything. Try it (it’s fun).
  10. Kill Facebook and stick your phone in the sock drawer. The less distractions the better.
  11. Go all out on presentation. Most teachers are easily persuaded by snappy presentation so make it shine.
  12. Set a fixed time for homework and study. Record TV shows if needs be, and stick to it.
  13. Don’t just wish you had help, demand it! Teachers will notice you when you jump up and down in front of them and wave your hands in the air, pleading. Telling them what you get and don’t improve your chances of getting their useful input.
  14. Watch out with the Web. It’s a great resource and a terrible timewaster (as you know). Allow yourself specific time to use it – even if you need to set a timer to do it!
  15. Work in inspirational places (inspirational for work that is). Places that are quiet, comfortable, and help you concentrate.

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