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Helping Granny

September 24th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 44 secs

Helping each other cope is what meaningful support is all about.

Helping each other cope is what meaningful support is all about.

Today was a difficult day. Ruth’s Mum (Granny) got a place in a country retirement village down the road and as of today, she no longer lives with Granddad.

You might think that is an awful thing. I would have years ago too. But as she has declined with Alzheimer’s these past 5 years, she isn’t too sure who he is anyway.

We, or should I say Ruth, took time to take a look around and find out the nicer places. So when a place came up, we suddenly had to face what we’ve been putting off.

As it’s spring here in Tasmania now, the days are getting longer and blossoms and birdsong are everywhere, which kind of helps. Especially given Granny’s accommodation is in a lovely little Tasmanian town called Snug (and I can see she is).

Perhaps, in an ideal world, there would be all the care necessary to keep Granny at home. But that’s not how it is. In some parts of the world, the extended family, and even the whole village all pitch in to take care of their elderly.

But in our part of the world, it’s a very different story, and so these kind of decisions are nothing if not emotionally charged.

Never mind the strangeness of watching someone who was your responsible parent unravel  back into a childlike state. But as anyone who has encountered it knows, somehow you get used to it.

Seeing Granny happy and comfortable is the thing now. Making sure she gets treated well, we take her out, and stop by often, are the things we can do to humanize the situation.

Granddad is hoping to move nearby so they can still spend time together, and thankfully that’s putting pep in his step. At 89, he is ready and raring to find another house.

Family, as you know, is such an anchoring aspect of life. Yet, I am often amazed at how indifferent  we can be to each other’s needs. Nobody should to be alone and without care. For surely, with so many people on this planet, we can all reach out to someone.

As confused as she is, it’s lovely to see how gracious Granny remains. That essential part of her beautiful nature hasn’t changed, and though she no longer knows front from back, she is still  inspiring. What a testimony to a beautiful life.

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