There is a place that you are to fill that no one else can fill - something you are to do that no one else can do.

~ Plato (428/427 BC ~

Help is the Best Selfishness

February 29th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 29 secs

There's always an opportunity to help.

There are unexpected benefits to offering help. Firstly, people who spend most of their time trying to get things from other people end up with very little for themselves. This irony is proof of a powerful truth. The more you help others the wealthier you get.

This is because your efforts to help build up goodwill. Other people appreciate your effort, meaning your help gives you a positive profile. Whenever people think of you, they have plenty of good reasons to like you.

In a way, committing yourself to help others is healthy selfishness. Whoever helps the most has the most life to show for it.

Consider high achievers, and social leaders. They receive recognition and appreciation because they help more people than most of us ever do.

But there are other benefits too. By the process of helping we get good feelings. There’s a rush that comes from contributing and being flattered for it. You not only feel needed, it makes you feel alive.  This social affirmation offers you crucial health benefits too. Proof we really are made for cooperation.

Still, not everyone will like what you do. You can help and be rejected, or simply be disrespected. That’s when your help needs fuelling with self-interest.

Thanks or no thanks, if you help out because it makes you feel good, what others do is less important. Better still, if you help because it’s what you believe in, then it’s an end in itself. You help because that’s what you do.

Call it a form of self-expression that you choose to give to your partner, family, workplace, and community. At any time you can apply your ability to help, making life better for you and others too.

While some wealth is restricted to financial reward, prosperity also comes in a variety of types. Think about the wealth of admiration, respect, and popularity. These assets are yours when you invest yourself in consistently giving help.

It doesn’t have to be pious to be worthy. If help is delivered with the cherry-on-top of kindness, then the rewards it gives will truly be unlimited.


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