Old is always fifteen years from now.

~ Bill Cosby ~

Have You Got A Good Reason?

August 16th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 44 secs

Good reasons go the distance.

I marvel at the power of reasons. Collectively, we can create, construct, tear down, and deliberately destroy. With will, we can build huge buildings and edifices of every description. We can readily commit to years of study, to work in careers, devote our energies to that person we adore, or sacrifice our freedom to pursue things esoteric. We can even risk life in conflict; facing all the terror of injury and death. All for the sake of our reasons.

You and I need good reasons of our own to more than “get by” in this life. Sure, we could go through the motions and merely look the part by having a good career. Then, collect up the trophies that say “we’ve made it.” Plenty of people seem to, don’t they? Lacking strong reasons they see the means as the end, as if doing was reason enough. I expect that accounts for why some of us find a seemingly successful life somehow seems wrong, and partly why we can feel naggingly dissatisfied.

Of course, reasons drive most of our actions. But, sometimes, they lack enough quality. People choosing to follow the crowd by trying to fit in, or leaving life to chance, water down their decisions and erode their meaning. Choices are still made but with less conscious control, and without thought to importance. Often, inferior reasons flow from low self-regard, because feeling inadequate dilutes the value of our decisions.

Good reasons, therefore, are more than reasonable plans. They embody our wholeness as people. People possessing a healthy sense of self-belief make better decisions more easily because they know the impact choice makes.

They know that decision outweighs luck and that good reasons are enough to get through most of life’s troubles. Sometimes, one good reason is all it takes to see us through incredible difficulties, thanks to the power of purpose.

Without good strong reasons, relationships founder in the face of emotional pain. Crimes are committed and even justified, and in the end, people get needlessly hurt. Without the potent strength of good reasons, life slides into the confusion of excuses.

In a way, consciously finding your own robust reasons for living out your version of daily life gives you the keys to everything. With strong meaning in mind you can put up with a lot, and even have reason to be thankful. You can find incredible joy in your most menial roles if, and only if, you know why. And, thankfully for that, you only need one good reason.




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