People need loving the most when they deserve it the least.

~ John Harrigan ~

Happy You

March 24th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 0 secs

Being happy is about expressing your best.

Happy” is one of those words that we all understand. But at the same time, being happy is hard to fully explain. Does happy merely mean having happy feelings? Or is happy an attitude, a choice, or a mixture of all three?

Seeing the way some promote happiness like a product leaves me feeling they’re missing something big. To me, being happy is more than a gobble and go pleasure, status symbol, or ego kick. It’s part of expressing your real self. You don’t need to buy it, sign on the dotted line, or join some organization to be happy and prove it. Happiness is infinitely more personal than that.

You might be asking, “Why are you talking about happiness anyway?“ and,  “What have you got to say about being happy that hasn’t already been said?”

For starters, I believe happiness matters. It’s not a bonus, or the product of luck. Being happy is a feature of a life well lived and it’s something everyone ought to enjoy.

As to my contribution, I can only say that happiness fascinates me! Considering the different meanings behind being happy captures my attention because of their impact. There’s the happy pleasure we get from enjoying the moment, along with anticipating anything good. Then there’s the happy sense of doing what’s worthy, being uplifted by our beliefs, or having a sense of belonging and being needed. We know about these. But I believe there are two priceless features to making all forms of happiness shine.

Happiness and beauty are intimately linked. Discover one and you uncover the other. To have a happy life means finding beauty; just as beauty brings you happiness. Seems simple enough. Yet knowing this can have an incredible effect on the way we live.

So what’s the second element? Well, it’s graciousness. Being happy and gracious is not only beautiful, its influence endures. Without heart, happiness remains inferior. Without qualities and a kind of dignity to life, whatever feels happy only flits fleetingly into and out of existence. Good, but not great. Fun, but not satisfying.

Combine happiness with graciousness and suddenly even the most humble of moments can become lovely and lasting.  Which is why I am committed to sharing this message with you.

My book celebrates your power for happiness and beauty together. While, here on this site, I am happy to talk about all manner of random stuff. Peppering posts with comments about life, love, and happiness, I want to promote the value of being happy as a deliberate way of living life well.

Helping you and as many people as I can discover this ability has become my passion. While we all need to make our own happiness, I want to help to encourage and empower you to find your own fulfillment. Who ever thought being happy would be so important?


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