God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.

~ Yiddish Saying ~

Happy With Hassles

October 10th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 11 secs


Can you be happy riding through life, even with a flat tyre?

Real life is hardly happy. At least, not all the time. For starters, there is too much stuff that’s unpleasant. disagreeable, and downright annoying. Yet, that is exactly where happy lives live.

In the Information Age, there’s a huge amount of misinformation about being happy and what it takes. “Tidy your cupboards and shelves and you’ll be happy. Diarize everything systematically and you’ll be happy.” Even “throw all your cares to the wind by selling everything and travelling” and then – surely – you will find happiness”.

But the people who say this kind of thing don’t get it. Being truly happy happens right where you are.

What? How can that be? If somebody hates their job and home, and they’re struggling to pay their bills, how can they be happy? 

Naturally, there’s a threshold that varies from person to person. Some people can put up with a lot. While others become desperately unhappy if someone simply criticizes their shoes. Obstacles to happiness are somewhat relative.

Then there’s knowing why you are doing what you do. For people who haven’t got a clue why they live where they do, work at that job, and stay married, it’s hardly surprising they’re unhappy.

But, if that same person has strong enough reasons to persist with their job, stay put, and keep working to rebuild their relationship, then being happy is a real possibility.

While research declares 50% of a person’s ability to be happy is genetically connected, I’m not sure what kind of happiness is predestined. If it’s the ability to laugh easily, be playful, and just feel buoyant, then fair enough. But if it’s the happiness of satisfaction and purpose, then you can forget the statistics.

Contrary to popular belief, happy people have problems too. Rather than waking up with a magic twinkle in the eye, they display a fine head of bed hair as good as the rest.  Things go wrong for them too. But what makes them happy is the meanings they make. That person you know who likes declaring that “life is b*tch and then you die” is hardly going to know much happiness because they only connect to misery. While, someone who realizes that life has its difficulties and its beauty, will know a lot more joy because for them it makes sense.

You and I know that the meanings we make and the qualities we display are the hidden secrets to having a happy life. Never mind the bling, the cash, the attention of others, and all the other short-term pleasures. As good as they are (and though it might surprise some), none are enough. Regardless of how many perks people possess, life keeps going with all its ups and downs.

So, if we are to know happiness personally in a lasting way, we must fashion it with character and fill our actions rich with reason. Then, despite all the adversity that real life brings, we can be happy amidst the hassles, and satisfied (in spite of everything).

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