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~ Dolly Parton ~

Happy Thots

September 30th, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 10 secs

Happy walking or running a little?

What’s a happy thot? I never knew what a thot was until I stumbled across a store in Singapore. Thots sound like critters from one of Dr Seuss’s happy chapters (e.g. “Fox in sox meets Thots in box.” ). But it wasn’t that exciting. Instead, emblazoned above the shopfront in Suntory Tower was the store name “Precious Thots.”

It took me a happy nanosecond to get it. Then I got it. It’s Singlish. “Thots” is Singaporean English for “thoughts.”

Now I know some people would cringe doubled over at this mashing up of English. But I like it all the same because it makes me laugh. Besides, we should be happy that as cultures mix, new ideas, spellings, and expressions keep forming. Really, it’s a happy sign of cultural exploration.

You could be bothered by the mispronunciation and the whole muddle in meaning. But it’s humbling to realize that such attempts represent people’s second, third or fourth language! I have enough trouble speaking English, Yiddish, and rubbish. Actually I’m exaggerating. The Yiddish bit is beyond me…

Besides, most of what is written in Singlish, Chinglish, and Japlish is truly funny. Well, it makes me laugh anyway. I am happy to drop in on sites like, for example, and have a good chortle. Reading weird and wonderful attempts to translate sensible ideas into crazy English is such a happy diversion, I often end up a giggling mess.

True, such inane nonsense is not for everyone. But if it appeals why not take a look and have a laugh. The happy cat Scarrywag recommends it.






  1. Naomi says:

    Engrish reading is a great past time when I travel . Recalling the restaurant that sold pried frawns will immediately conjure happy memories of where and what I was doing that holiday….