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Happy Kitty: Happy Owners

December 19th, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 33 secs

A little kitty or two can do you good.

No need to get me into a headlock. I confess. I love cats. They’re delicious! No, seriously, I do. Life just wouldn’t be the same without a happy kitty staring dreamily into your eyes with that look of loving contentedness. Call it a bonding thing. But cats are wonderful creatures to get to know too. Though I have to admit, like humans, not all cats are the happy kitty type.

Feral cats, for instance, are positively scary. Yet, thankfully, your standard tabby cat is typically a most agreeable critter; only too happy to be your cross species companion and lifelong happy kitty buddy.

To keep you loyal, they seem to like capturing your attention. So, naturally, when your pet puss strikes an affectionate pose it’s hard to ignore them. Which explains why Scallywag, our ragdoll cat, grabs our focus when he starts lolling about on the couch before loosing his grip and falling off in embarrassment. Just like his earnest antics with the odd ball of socks, such friendly feline deeds make each happy kitty irresistibly cute. Well, that’s a besotted cat owner talking; pet ownership can make you one-eyed and slightly potty.

I’ve seen the same in some people who keep dogs. As if these all these little beasts trigger our need to nurture. Once activated, we find ourselves patting, fussing, and stroking the things with all the parental zeal of new parents. Our pets are a little like babies. Only mercifully, they generally let you sleep all night.

Having a happy kitty or two… or three around, feels natural, once you’ve learned to dodge the hairy little tripping hazards, open and shut doors on meowing command, and make sure to talk to them at least sometimes.  It seems normal, and nice to see their friendly form outstretched in the sunshine, or curled up in a corner. The house would feel bare, almost clinical, without them.

So here’s to the joy of having a happy kitty around the house. Or if you prefer, a devoted dog, bird, or bunny. Without their cross-species companionship we would certainly be missing out on the affection, warmth, and pleasure of a special and quite unforgettable kind of company.


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