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Happy Kids’ Words

October 29th, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 22 secs

We know just the right words to make you happy.

When your child says something funny, how many times have you said to yourself “I’ve got to write that down?Happy as we are to hear them said, we tend to skip the chronicling part. Then, next thing you know, we ask, “Now what was it that they said?”

Because I love words a lot, I get a special kick out of kid’s comments. They truly are priceless because each one represents a child’s best guess at something new. What’s more, they each carry that happy characteristic that makes us stop, ponder, then burst out laughing. That makes every happy word each kid creates worth bottling!

Words like “teethbrush” from a two year old actually make more sense. Or how about the words that are just too hard for little mouths to get around, like:

Orm mowmer” for “lawnmower”

Banking cleaner” for “vacuum cleaner”

Hopsbital” for “hospital

“Pesgetti” for “spaghetti”

Terrible poorly” for “cerebral palsy”

Poor Arthur” for “Port Arthur

Grandhug Day” for “Groundhog Day

monter” for “monster”

care wee” for “scary”

Beach lookers” for “binoculars” and

Dongie” for “McDonalds.

Then there are words kids create that come from nowhere in particular. Having only the vaguest connection in sound to the original, they often get lost in the growing years. Words like:

Ondit” for “Elephant

Crayfiss” for “crane” and

pssss”  for “spoon.

Each represents a happy snippet of childhood that we ought to keep and share when our kids grow up. Every word that made you smile is surely a happy memento well worth keeping.

Oh, and if these make you happy you can find more at:

Plus, if you’ve got some precious words your children chose to create, feel free to share them here for posterity. Not only will they trigger some affectionate memories, but who knows? We might even start a new language! Engwish anyone?


  1. Feegs says:

    Good one! Yes, who wants to be “upstrated”?