Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers.

~ Alfred Lord Tennyson ~

Happy Examples Worth Keeping

March 16th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 25 secs

The sire of cavorting dolphins is one of those happy examples that you tend to to keep with you.

It’s funny, but a lot of comedians aren’t exactly happy examples. Those that use nasty sarcasm to inject power in their punch line are actually pretty sad examples of the trade. So if we feel it’s worth weighing up the quality of comedy, then there’s a whole lot of other happy aspects to life that deserve thinking mindfully.

Some movies and TV shows, for instance, depict a perfect world where everybody looks great and life is one big whirl of laughter, happiness, and fun. Such happy examples certainly seem appealing. Especially, if we want to escape the harsh realities of our own life for a while and immerse ourselves in something pleasing and easy.

In fact, whatever our focus zooms in on, we enlarge with our attention. That’s why it makes sense to consider the quality of our choices and why the happy examples we gather actually matter.

As it is, plenty of people consider it an appealing experience watching extreme violence. A good many, I expect, would say this kind of entertainment leaves them feeling “happy” but it’s definitely not my cup of tea. I believe it’s important to consider the value of what we take in and whether it ennobles our thinking.

Of course, we humans are complicated beings and for various reasons our preferences are incredibly diverse and individual. So, far be it for me to say, “this is right to watch and that isn’t”. We need to establish our own happy examples, working out not just how they make us feel, but also what they inspire us to be and do.

Think back through your own childhood years and with time you can gather memories of happy examples from all sorts of moments. In truth, they are part of your personal “treasure” and deserve to be recognized, not only as pleasant memories, but also for the contribution they make to the way you feel about life.

But you don’t need to go too far to find something worthwhile if you are prepared to look. For me, I find plenty of happy examples in life right now. Not all the time, of course. But I love spotting those simple moments of somebody sharing a kindly smile, seeing couples stealing a loving kiss, or hearing Scally my cat say his little “hello” mew and coming up for a cuddle.

They are little incidents, surely. But each is a precious pearl to me. In each happy example of joy, all the hard and weary experiences have their counterpoint. I need only picture any of these momentary gems and I find myself lightened. Just as you do when you tune into your own delicious moments when you bring them into focus.

Because nobody else can decide what they are for you, I choose my own happy examples, and consider whether what’s on offer is truly something delightful or not. With so many people vying for your attention these days, you need to be discerning. Otherwise, others will feed you ideas that you feel obliged to swallow (whether they fit in with who you are or not).

In this world of entertainment, impressing, and illusion, we do well to remember all that glitters is positively not gold. If we choose our own happy examples to emulate, celebrate, or simply remember, we are living on purpose: mindful and original.

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