First you forget names, then you forget faces. Next you forget to pull your zipper up and finally, you forget to pull it down.

~ George Burns ~

Happiness Quiz

You have to laugh at happiness quizzes. They say things like “Are you happy in your love life, with your family, enjoy your work, and feel great being yourself?”

Happiness quiz

This quiz is crazy!

If so then they pronounce you happy, giving you a score to prove it. Which is like saying, “if you are happy then you are.” Brilliant!

Far from being based on anything measurable, happy quizzes are meant to steer people toward buying a product. By contrast, only carefully designed and tested psychometric questionnaires have any substance to them. So resist imitations, unless they’re just for fun.

That’s why I am happy to provide this ridiculous quiz. My aim is to prove even a groaning laugh is better than a sincere frown. Perhaps, you might get annoyed with me, and start making low growling noises. Or, you’ll start laughing hilariously and uncontrollably so people around wonder what’s going on.

Then again, maybe you’ll experience a crazy combination of both…

Anyway, good luck! Don’t worry if you fail the quiz and miss the lucky door prize (it’s probably just as well. Unless you are happy to win the two frozen chickens kept in the freezer since 1986. Waste not want not, I tell the kids!).

So get ready because… here we go!

But wait. Before you start, a bit of happy advice. It’s good to have a pencil and paper in hand. Not for using. Just that they’re nice to hold onto sometimes…

And breathe normally (that’s in and out, not out and in).

Still there?

Good! I’m happy. Just be brave, okay? I will be thinking of you.