Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

~ Robert Frost ~

Happiness And Why It’s Hard To Have

September 18th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 9 secs

Egging you on to greater happiness.

Today, happiness is treated like a product. “You want happiness? Sure, come right this way and we’ll give you all the happiness you desire. Oh, and let us relieve you of that awfully heavy purse that must be such a burden…”

Happiness has become a modern day axiom (“But are you really happy?”). Feeding its meaning into the money guzzling, great selling machine of consumerism, modern happiness has morphed into something strangely sad.

With a price tag attached, the idea of happiness as a durable aspect of life has been seriously eroded. That happiness should contribute to the good of others now seems almost surprising and unusually noble. After all,  in this day and age, surely people should go out and buy their own…

In the hunt for more happiness, we let the media be our guide. This is what they say: happiness is about being rich, getting what you want, having delicious looks, and scoring all the guys or girls that delight. How complicated is it?

Well, if you and I want a hedonistic splurge then the only complication is getting enough spending money. Because don’t we need an awful lot to keep us happy? With this reckoning, some 2% of world must be delirious with happiness in overabundance. While the rest? Well another chunk should be partially happy, and the vast majority? Sorry.

Then there are the necessary looks to die for that should bring happiness galore. Again, around 2% of the population is stunningly attractive. While happiness must progressively diminish the less looks you possess.

Isn’t this completely insane? You and I know there is so much more to happiness that these limited definitions could possibly convey. Lasting happiness is grounded in the way we think not the way we primp. Nor is money ever enough to give us lasting contentment.

Does that make wealth or attractiveness bad? We don’t need to throw the baby out with the bathwater to know there’s more to life than that. Who we are as people and what we contribute have a far greater bearing on happiness. So how come so many people have forgotten that?

“If you must tell a lie, make it a really big one.” That was Hitler and Goebbel’s belief. Gradually, people are forgetting who they really are. People are asleep to their potential to express important qualities and the need to make meanings that bring lasting satisfaction. The significance of enduring happiness has been replaced. Now people don’t even know what they’re missing.

This switch bait method has led people so astray they miss the point of love and the strengths that we innately possess. Instead, so much humanity is lost in transactions of cash. “How can I monetize?” is replacing, “How can my make my life count?” 

Funnily enough, when you are happy, all the glitz and schmaltz seem ridiculous. They’re just trinkets compared to the lasting delight of making your life count. Enduring happiness isn’t a product. It’s a result.

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