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Had Enough Of Angry People?

August 28th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 58 secs

Is fury really necessary?

Is fury really necessary?

Every time you turn on the TV, radio, open a paper, or click onto the news online angry people are there. But isn’t it time we turned down the fury and did some effective thinking instead?

It seems to me that being angry is easy. We can get hot under the collar about all sorts of things that irk us. Then go and rant and rave to whoever will listen. But is that the best tactic to get good results?

Sure, there are times when being angry makes sense. A righteous sense of indignation is called for when terrible abuse is evident. Only trouble is, the media keep hitting the get ‘em mad button so often and so hard that folk are becoming indifferent, or, feel it’s okay to rage if their hamburger is missing its pickle.

Numerous YouTube clips show people losing their cool over all sorts of inane situations. While the indifference so many exhibit keeps gaining traction, thanks to overdone pleas and media manipulation.

Visit some Churches and you are likely to hear way too many angry words and not enough about love. Despite the ongoing love drought so many folk are struggling to cope with, there are those in leadership who figure it’s their role to dole out regular doses of criticism.

However, rage is not an effective means of handling complex problems. Though it gets airplay for its attention grabbing potential, what we really need is people who can pause to think, reflect, and act wisely.

Fury, meanwhile, just makes a mess of people’s feelings and often leaves folk at loggerheads, opposing each other (as if that was somehow a good position to be in).

What we need for people to find more happiness is to think through issues and stop reacting. Becoming enraged at the drop of a hat might be where it’s at to get more shock value “likes”, but it’s not solving anything.

It’s time to ditch angry rants and call for consideration. Time to do the tough stuff and actually think about possibilities and put aside hostilities. As much as we can, let us be people of goodwill and good sense.

We can agree to having differing ideas (and sometimes we cannot). Yet a culture of solution seeking is required and, nine times out of ten, that works incredibly well.  While anger forces everyone into adversarial roles, where putting others down is the only way to “win”, there are clearly far better ways to succeed and achieve.

So what can you do? From now on, question people’s angry outbursts and consider the situation based on your own clear head. In this small way you can raise the bar on the way decisions are made and  put the priority on abilities instead of limitations.

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