Courage is knowing what not to fear.

~ Plato ~

Got Your Sweet Spots?

April 2nd, 2015 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 58 secs

Sweet spots will vary

You’ve got to know what you want.

What’s a sweet spot? Well, that depends on what you are talking about.

Musicians think of that marvellous zone where – with understanding – the sound of an instrument comes out best. And while it might make an ever so slight improvement to strum a guitar a whisker this way or that, to the discerning, it’s a special pleasure.

In almost everything there’s a sweet spot and they all have one thing in common: the Goldilocks factor. Young Goldie wasn’t looking for the hottest or the coldest, or the hardest or the softest. Instead, what she wanted was the best given what was on offer. Because for her, that was “just right.”

Typically, these special spots require two things from you:
1.The capacity to identify the ideal compromise or best outcome all things considered
2.An ability to actually appreciate the pleasure of that choice.

Take flying for example. Inevitably, there are plenty of decisions. If you are taking an overseas trip should you travel business, premium leg stretching economy, standard seats, or seat of your pants super budget cheap? Which offers best value, gets there in time, and leaves you feeling most fresh for the cost? On top of that, what’s your budget? Which airline has the best safety record? How much luggage do you want to schlepp, and … well, you get the picture.

Clearly, sweet spots vary for every different person and each particular moment. While, the best of anything is always going to be based on a whole host of tangibles (like time and expense) and intangibles (like how you feel about the situation). That’s why ordering a fine slice of exclusive cake in splendour in a traditional Viennese cafe could be a delicious indulgence for some and a time of dietary anxiety for others.

What’s more, things change along the way. What made you feel happy years ago might have lost its shine in the meantime. Whether it’s noticeable or not, as we change our tastes move too, making yesterday’s sweet spot a sickly saccharine hit today (Remember those photos of you in those clothes?). That is to say, you could put a tag on each, warning, “Caution: sweet spots will vary”.

Perhaps that’s why you should hold lightly to the idea of that fantastic deal, marvellous garden, dream home, or brilliant trip. Step back from them all and remember: they’re inherently temporary. Whereas, you and your ability to find them in the first place and appreciate them for the pleasure they give is the genius behind the gem.

For as long as you seek them there will always be more to enjoy; like an inexhaustible trove of treasure your capacity to discern and appreciate are lifelong gifts. How good is that?

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