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Got Any Mother Gift Ideas?

April 16th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 46 secs

Let's see...some mother gift ideas. How about we do this cool photo?

How many people keep space in their head for “Mother Gift Ideas”? I suspect only the highly organized ever keep a careful record of items they’ve spied and say to themselves, “Yes, well that’s another lot of mother gift ideas to add to the list.”

Being male, and yes I know it’s lame, but I tend to be shocking at shopping. If I don’t know what I’m looking for before I go wandering through stores, I get even more confused. As a self-confessed muddle-headed wombat (ask Ruth, she can confirm this to be true), I can while away hours looking for that perfect Mother’s Day present or birthday gift, yet still come home with nothing.

Actually, I reckon most men feel much the same way. Though I’ve only spoken to a few hundred on the subject, I imagine most blokes find the whole shopping thing stressful. Add feeling clueless about mother gift ideas in general and the whole shopping saga becomes a total fiasco.

But I’m mistaken to only count men. Many women, burdened by the sheer weight of tasks and too little time, find the responsibility of mother gift ideas just another box to tick. Despite possessing ninja shopping skills, women also have something extra to contend with. Guilt. Men, as a rule, don’t do guilt much. If they’re late in sending a present, forget, or made a mistake, they don’t sweat. But daughters, often saddled with having to come up with gift ideas for everyone, struggle with the appropriateness of presents. Will they be appreciated? Does it cost enough? Or, has she already got one?

Compare that conscientious against the male approach. For men, mother gift ideas mostly pop up when:

  1. They are told to get a present.
  2. They see a sign in a department store saying, “Get this for your mother because it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow.”
  3. They’ve discovered a two for one run-out sale on toasters and foot spas.

Is it too much to say, sorry but you’ve been too busy and just haven’t had time to buy your mother a present? Unfortunately it is. Traffic jams, teething toddlers, domestic disputes, problems at the office, and ninety-nine other complications must take second place. Because when it comes to translating those vague mother gift ideas into something lovely, your mother might not mind what you decide. But she will see that making an effort is a physical sign that you genuinely care.



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