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Goodbye 2 0 1 5

December 31st, 2015 ~ Est. reading time: 3 mins, 31 secs


The 2015 ride is nearly over. Are you ready for another?

The 2015 ride is nearly over. Are you ready for another?

Take one last look because it’s almost over. The year 2015 is just about done.

And what kind of a year was it for you? Did you find more moments of happiness?

Or was it a hard slog, battling the odds?

I know, in a way it’s only a notion this year closing thing (though, most of the planet agrees on the concept of time being measured this way).

Unless you happen to be in Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Iran, Afghanistan, India, or Bangladesh where they use their own calendars

(Along with tweaks to the Gregorian version in Thailand, Nth Korea, Taiwan, and Japan), the idea that a brand New Year is rapidly advancing is a given.


If nothing else happened to you over the past 12 months the very least you have done is say you’ve made one full lap round the sun.

Regardless of where we’ve travelled, who we’ve seen, and what we’ve done, the remarkable part is that every single one of us has all done this annual trip. And, whether we cared or not, we all did it together.


In spite of all of our differences, struggles, and striving, we are all taking the same tour through time and space on this one and only Earth in a quiet part of a spiral arm of The Milky Way Galaxy. Yet, strangely, how many of us ever consider how amazing it is to have a say in the way we take the trip?


It might sound obscure but, sometimes, taking a wide angled view puts our trials and tribulations into a fresh perspective and reminds us that there is every good reason to make the most of our limited ride.


Not to say that the immediate small scale matters of life aren’t important. They are. But the ability to pull back and see life as if from a distance lets you remember that bringing the best of yourself to the journey is a worthy pursuit.


Mind you, you might find there’s no room in your life for looking more widely at anything, given how hard it is just trying to survive. I get that.

When there aren’t enough hours to live beyond work and situations feel overwhelming, all that abstract stuff can seem more like mumbo jumbo and less like handy advice.


Yet if life is a merry-go-round then actively taking time to play with possibilities is a good way to step side from the pressure and wrangle back the wheel.

And, what better time to do that then when we are about to take another lap?


Soon we’ll see the standard ‘Looking Back At 2015’ TV shows, focusing mostly on catastrophes, celebrities, and calamities. While fireworks and parties will guarantee that, if nothing else, the excited will see the old year go with a cheer and a bang.


But all your personal experiences throughout these past 12 months won’t get much notice. They will just get stowed away; put aside in the diary of this ride called your life.


Thanks to the sculpting effects of the good, bad, and the so, so, the emotional landscape of your 2015 leaves you with added layers of experience and impressions: ready or not for 2016.

For good or ill, 2015 is almost done and now we need to turn our attention to this New Year, deciding for ourselves what we want to see.


From a happiness perspective, I’m all for knowing that your own part of life is largely influenced by the way you view it. Whilst wishing things into existence won’t do it, we have a lot more say about the way we handle events than sometimes it would seem.


Even in the bad times we have the ability to shape the outcomes of situations.

Like when your relationship hits the skids. Either it’s a crisis with no end in sight or, a new opportunity for healing and growth. The day you conclude your workplace is making you miserable is also the day one you can start seeing new possibilities.


Taking more of an opportunity view to what is happening to you – both in the bad and the good – gives you a better chance to adapt and influence. Meaning, your ride can be improved simply by the way you see it.


So, give a big wave to the year that was. It’ll soon be gone like all the rest. Today and tomorrow are your priority and both possess the potential for fresh opportunities to apply what you’ve learned so far.


This New Year we can either replay our usual ways of thinking and doing. Or, we can choose to refine how we see and what we do. Based on what’s we’ve gleaned from 2015 this is a great time to take stock and decide to make this next life lap matter even more.


Whatever you choose and with whom, decide to enjoy the ride, make it count, and enjoy being you.

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