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Go On Get A Hobby

September 2nd, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 31 secs

Having a hobby is energizing!

Having a hobby is energizing!

I’m sorry if the thought of getting a hobby sounds archaic. It shouldn’t. But with life pressing on all sides, the thought of setting aside time for another pursuit could be a turn off.

So why bother with hobbies? Well it’s like this: once they bite, you’re happily hooked.

Personal pursuits are incredibly rewarding, as everyone with a hobby of their own knows. It’s hard to define, but time spend engaging in a favorite pastime is not so much expended as invested.

A satisfying hobby pulls you in to activate your enthusiasm, get you excited, and bring out the kid in you… all at once! So  everyone, from 8 to 80 year olds can feel at home (even if it’s means just looking and dreaming).

Handcrafts of various kinds, photography, painting, pet keeping, collecting, restoring – you name it, there’s a hobby for everyone with endless pleasure in discovering and building skills.

Everyone who loves his or her special pastime knows only too well how addictive it is. Yet it’s a friendly compulsion that brings people out to share their passion and sharpen their understanding about their favorite field.

Folk who don’t have a favorite pastime can’t quite work out what the fuss is about. But that’s because they haven’t found their own particular niche.

A hobby of your own is more than another thing to throw money at or occupy your time. It’s about being transported from life’s regular activities and entering into a zone of wonder and delight (where dry pragmatism cannot interfere).

If minutes zip along, then hours fly by and in that special zone of rapt attention, the hobbyist finds real recreation.

Whether it be in solitary time or a hive of social activity, hobbying feeds happiness. So if you haven’t got one, get one. Search online and find what you like.

But, if you do have a hobby (or two), then you know how important it is to you. May it always be a source of productive pleasure and bring much happiness to everyone your interest touches.

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