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Give Me Warm Any Day

November 15th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 40 secs

Even pets know how to be warm.

Even pets know how to be warm.

It’s easy to enjoy warm people. They are so appealing because, when you meet them, you cannot help but be well received. So… what’s not to like?

Well, some feel looking cool is far more important. They won’t even notice you, let alone speak with you if you’re not super cool.

Then there are others who estimate your significance by the money you display and the address you keep. Like intellectual snobs, money judgers refuse to tolerate anyone who they perceive isn’t like them.

And so it goes. Thousands, if not millions, of chilly cliques and hostile eyes, focusing on whether we make the grade or not.

Thankfully, warm people don’t do that. They won’t scrutinize your waistline, or peg you as inferior because your clothes are “so last year”, your car isn’t up to snuff, or you’re not reading the right books. Not a bit of it.

Rather, they will simply look at you as a person and receive you with regard. Because, that’s what warm people do.

In their company, you feel safe, accepted, and okay about being yourself (How lovely is that?). Meaning, it’s okay to drop any pretense.

Given how lovely these people can be it’s kind of strange that you don’t hear much about them in the media. Perhaps it’s because they don’t fit prevailing fashion. I mean it isn’t exactly cool to be warm.

Despite this blanket of silence, kindhearted people are so engaging, they’re hard to resist. Though they might give you the impression they are merely waiting for you to drop by, warm people face the same struggles as everyone else. It’s just that looking outwards to welcome others is part of their repertoire. Not to impress anyone. More, to value receiving people and put them at ease.

If you read my book, you will find I explore warm-heartedness because of its importance in generating a great deal of happiness (both for the receiver and the giver).

Though we might not always be able to receive others warmly for a host of practical reasons, I believe it’s worth making room in our life for the comfort of others. It’s such a small thing, and yet, it can touch us all to the core.

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