The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet.

~ James Openheim ~

Gimme Happiness

May 8th, 2014 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 40 secs

You mean I can't be guaranteed a life of happiness ?

You mean I can’t be guaranteed a life of happiness ?

We all want happiness. But that doesn’t mean we are prepared to do what it takes to have it.

Instead we do, what is technically referred to as “silly things”, to approximate a happy state. This means getting cheap thrills to keep us chipper and doing much of what we’ve already done (as if that will be enough).

Bottom line? We do what are used to doing with the general hope that it should bring happiness and, on the way, we’ll take whatever pleasure we can to keep us going.

Hmm. Hardly a recipe for happiness is it? I mean, if we were genuine about finding contentment we wouldn’t leave it so loose and simply hope it will find us some time soon.

If, like the old 1950s song we were to find our thrills on “Blueberry Hill” it wouldn’t make much sense heading out somewhere else and settling for Gooseberry Gulch or Snozberry Hollow. Nor would it be wise to spend our whole life driving around the base of the place looking up at the real Hill and thinking, “One day (if I can find an dratted parking spot) I’m going to climb that Blueberry Hill”.

Instead, we need to do a shocking thing: to decide to find happiness in our own life and choose ways that work to achieve it.

Hardly rocket science is it? Yet, for the most part, people won’t take that conscious decision, preferring to wish happiness into existence.  Why? Because opening our mind to tried and true ways of finding happiness requires reflection. For a lot of folk that feels foreign, odd, and a little bit frightening. After all, there’s no telling what ideas might pop up.

Yet that is exactly the way we need to go to find our happiness road. As you know I wrote a book on the subject to help people everywhere find their own “Blueberry Hill”.  Not for the sake of producing yet another self help book (some would say we’ve got enough of those already). But to provide a viable way to finding satisfaction that suits anyone wanting a happy life.  Hoping and wishing won’t cut it. But treading your own path with insight will. Whatever life has already been like, our time starts… now.

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