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Get Some Sleep

September 26th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 8 secs

Nighty, night. Sleep tight!

Modern technology is putting the squeeze sleep in a decidedly unhealthy way. If you wish, you can easily decide to live an all day and night life. Then, down some pills to keep you going. As ridiculous as that is, some people do just that on a regular basis, then crash and burn in an exhausted heap at the end of each week.

What makes us resist sleep so strongly? Do we feel like we’re missing out on too much? Or, do we feel obliged to push past bedtime to eke out yet more productive hours?

There is so much of a 24-hour emphasis today that slumber is under pressure. Working overtime, holding down two (or even three) jobs, family life, and then the expectation that we have a private life after that: all of these are pushing the pillow further away, and increasing our waking hours.

Despite appearing to be a simple thing, sleep is surprisingly complex. But we do know there are particular rhythms to a good night’s sleep, and a deficit has consequences.

Depriving yourself of enough sleep can have the equivalent effect of being drunk. While, denying a person of sleep for long enough is lethal.

Lack of sleep also has a financial cost. Think of decreased concentration, accidents, and reduced productivity. Then there are the intangibles, like relationship strife caused through sheer fatigue, mistakes leading to personal loss, and an immediate decline in wellbeing.

So how do you manage your ongoing fatigue? What can anyone do to handle it, when there is so much to be done? The answer lies in our priorities.

Make sleep take precedence. Does that sound silly? It might. But if sleep, like food, is a foundation for life, we cannot ignore it. Trash your sleep and you are trashing yourself. So, work back from sleep needs to give your life more balance (of course, if you have a baby in the house, this is much easier said than done). Decide how many hours are reasonable for your particular sleep needs, then schedule life around the rest.

You might think this is too simplistic. Or that getting enough sleep comes with too high a price. But the good news is that, keeping good sleep habits not only boost your quality of life during your waking hours, they also promote longer life. Not bad for something that people dismiss as “unproductive”.

Like food, a balanced sleep pattern will do you good. So assuming you don’t suffer insomnia or other sleep related issues, you might as well enjoy the wellbeing and boost in mood that good rest can give you.

Instead of cutting back on sleep and staring at a screen into the wee small hours, make friends with your bed. Turn off the technology and get comfortable under its warm, inviting cover.

After all, you deserve to get some well-earned rest. But before you drift off into peaceful repose, consider this: having a good night’s sleep has to be the easiest “workout” there is.

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