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Get Excited!

August 25th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 39 secs

Are you fired up?

Are you fired up?

Either get excited or get out”. That kind of absolute demand for enthusiasm reads more like a threat than an endorsement. But there is merit in getting excited, at least sometimes.

To my mind, there’s a certain American theme to excitement and it seems to hold a special place in the American psyche that’s unlike any other nation. Here in Australia, we like excitement too, but not that much. Nor do we feel comfortable when someone else is telling us that we ought to be.

People running a function, service, or event who keep on asking, “Are you excited?” are just as liable to turn their audience against them as fire them up. So revving up a crowd Aussie style has to be more of a “come with me” experience than a “do it to them” presentation.

Yet, though we approach it differently through culture, enthusiasm is a magic ingredient that does inspire commitment and generates plenty of energy.

We all need that kind of fervor and though it might be delightful to be swinging from the chandeliers every waking moment, it’s not going to happen.

Some moments will tear the zeal out of even the most ardent enthusiast. Then there are days that leave you feeling like you’ve been dragged backwards through the briars (which is anything but exciting).

Yet, overall, you can readily tell those people who possess a certain bubble of enthusiasm. Looking brighter, smiling more, and finding confidence in their commitment, it’s no wonder they are more employable, find it easier to achieve, and get less bogged down by problems.

The key it seems is that people have a dream or an awe-inspiring goal. For them, difficulties are not endpoints but challenges to overcome.

Providing it’s their vision and their excitement it’s all good. Whereas, the trouble starts when it’s foisted onto folk from top down (like when your boss tells you ought to be excited because the company made 12% more profit).

So if you aren’t exactly charged with excitement right now, that’s fine. But it’s well worth your time finding something audacious that inspires you. Life feels better that way, and if you follow the passion of your dreams, you can bet it’s going to be much more of an adventure.

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