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Funny Where Life Takes You

July 12th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 16 secs

Life certainly has its funny moments.

Life certainly has its funny moments.

Funny isn’t it? I mean, one moment you think life is so predictable. You going to get up tomorrow morning (with a fair degree of certainty about when) and you predict what you will be doing from there. Then, along comes something completely unexpected and you wonder if anything is going to stay the same.

It might be down to something bad. But, equally, it could be something wonderful, or at least funny. Well, that’s my observation.

A few days ago, if you’ve been fo0llowing, you know Ruth and I were staying for a couple of days in a remote Tasmanian hideaway. Far away from phones, TV reception, the Internet, and other stuff I forget. But today, or should I say, tonight (for that’s when I’m writing), I’m sitting in a cabin bunk sailing across Bass Strait in a ship with my youngest son.

Funny how that happens. In this case it wasn’t exactly random. But the way it has unfolded means there is a high level of uncertainty and possibility, which I am happy to accept.

The reason for even mentioning this aspect of unpredictability is because it applies to all of us. You really don’t know what is going to happen to you tomorrow and that’s probably a good thing. Personal predictability, for all its comforts, is a killer.

You need to have a plan, and operate on probabilities and that’s enough. It’s not “wrong” that the Internet stops, your legs ache, or the car is playing up. They are all part of the funny (and sometimes not so funny) randomness that we need to confront.

While it could be construed as a string of disasters or proof that your life is going wrong, the variable nature of events add color and dimension. You aren’t going mad because everything is turning out bad. You aren’t at fault because your fridge broke down and your parrot unexpectedly molts. Nor is it the end when your toilet backs up and overflows into your bedroom.  It’s terrible, but it’s also kind of funny in a crazy way too.

Fickle as your fridge may be, and as cantankerous as your color flatscreen TV is whenever it fails to behave, life comes with built in challenges. Some are tiny and easily dealt with. Others occupy your life, and sometimes, leave you feeling amazed your alive.

Life is filled with potentially funny situations where you are the hapless fool struggling not to completely lose your cool. But that’s what real life is like. This isn’t TV, but a full on experience of living with everything. Like a hamburger, it has definitely got the lot.

So make room for the natural unpredictability of things. Surrender the illusion that time is a known fact before it appears. You never know for sure what you’ve got, and funnily enough, that’s a marvelous thing. Because living in the full sense requires more than planning and prediction. Life calls for an open-minded willingness to take it as it comes, and by living it, turn it into something better. Funnily enough, I think we all kind of know this. But, somehow, we forget.

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