Fortune and love favor the brave.

~ Ovid ~

Funny When You Get It

February 3rd, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 0 secs

Well I think it’s funny.

Isn’t it strange how what’s funny for one is totally boring for another? Like when you’re at the movies and see the joke in something done, but few others get it apart from you.

I find it funny that some people only laugh when they’re told to. Like comedians or friends telling them “this is a joke” so right on cue they smile widely and get ready to laugh.

Stumbling across a blog today of a anime-styled young Singaporean woman with bleached  blonde hair looked like it was going to be funny, or at least fun. But as I read her comments about people in Kuala Lumpur, I realized what an ugly mind she had. Her comments were so toxic and small-minded I find her words disturbing. Yet, I got the impression she seemed proud of her commentary.

I can only put it down to somebody projecting her own bad feelings about herself. Whatever the case, there was nothing funny that I could see. Which raises the question: are funny things all a matter of perception?

I’d tend to say it looks that way. Given people will laugh about the weirdest things (myself excluded of course, as I never laugh about anything without Royal approval… ahem), while others find it hard to be coaxed into seeing anything as funny. How we think obviously matters.

Then again, comedy shows tend to get general recognition, with characters like Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean recognized worldwide. It’s as if certain actions are more likely to be considered funny and others almost never.

Funerals aren’t considered particularly funny. But our friend Robin’s was. With an equal amount of laughter and tears, we were able to unite together in grief and joy. So it worked.

Yet we need to be tolerant about what others find funny and what they don’t. Your favorite show amuses you. But you know friends some of your friends don’t  feel the same way (strange as it seems). Likewise, when your son shows you another Internet clip that he keeps chortling about. It’s just as likely you won’t get it. Or, worse, you won’t like it.

All of which means that whilst humor can unite the world, it can just  as easily divide. As we get to understand each other, finding out what each of us find funny is a personal discovery. That needs some tact, the odd risk or two, and a whole lot of respect.

We don’t have to be amused by the same ideas. But, a willingness to be open-minded to the understandings of others at least allows for difference, and maybe, some appreciation for fresh thoughts. Whatever, your preference, get ready to laugh a lot more and try seeing the funny side more often than not. It’ll do you good.


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