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~ Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) ~

Funny Life Events

June 1st, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 42 secs

Funny college farewell.

Hooray! No More School

In celebrating their graduation, students in Dalian in Lianong Province in northern China, threw their hats high in the air… as their college (behind) seemed to be going up in smoke. The blaze apparently destroyed an adjacent storage warehouse next to the main college dormitory, giving the appearance that the school was actually burning down. Adds a funny spin to celebrating the end of college, doesn’t it?



How Mitt Romney’s App Champ Declared a New Nation

As the US federal election race starts cranking up again, the “With Mitt” phone app meant to promote Republican Mitt Romney was released, misspelt, to declare: “A Better Amercia.” Only too eager to spot a flaw, members of the public picked up on the typo via Twitter, producing umpteen funny puns on the Amercia message.

Referring to Mitt Romney once strapping the family dog in its carrier onto his car roof while on vacation, one twitterer tweeted, “Some poor app designer is getting strapped in a cage on the top of a car and driven across country tonight. #amercia.

But the appeal of coining a new name for America has far wider appeal than political sparring.

Thanks to one funny slip, everyone can consider the comedic potential of further nation name changes. Who knows? If we leave it up to whacked app-makers, after Amercia we might have Austraya, Doitschland, Rusha, Chai-na, Brittn, and In-here, to name a few. As one Romney campaign spokeswoman rightly pronounced, “Mistakes happen.

Funny how hard it can be to believe something good (Err...this isn't Drummoyne by the way...)

Finally Property Mystery Solved

It took twenty-two years, but finally the Sydney mystery property case has been cracked. When a young American woman was told she was the owner of a harborside property in exclusive Drummoyne in Sydney, she didn’t think it was funny. She was convinced it had to be a scam. But the apartment, leased out on behalf of the unidentified owner for more than two decades was the real deal. With the rental earnings going into a trust fund, the woman had unknowingly inherited the property after her mother died back in 1990.

Thanks to the persistence of Chris Wilkins, director of Ray White Real Estate, the mystery was solved. But it took some determination to convince the unnamed woman that she is now several million dollars richer.




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