Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

~ Benjamin Spock ~

Funny How Situations Change You

February 13th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 11 secs

Kids are more than happy seeing your crazy side.

Have you ever thought it’s funny that we change according to the situation we find ourselves in?

I don’t mean the disturbing and not at all funny values transplant that some people seem to demonstrate (where they switch from being amiable and affable into a Cruella de Ville clone). I mean the way your body language changes, and how you express yourself, according to events

For instance, whenever I start doing handyman chores around the house, for some reason I start sounding like a bellicose pirate. Funny as it is, it’s also quite weird. But when I’m stooping to look under the stairs and fumbling with a stubborn fixture that refuses to move, I start “Arrr-ing” and growling like the worst blaggards that ever set sail on the sea.

Then, when I go off walking with my friend Pete, I assume the role of crazed nut. Yes, I try to be funny and get him laughing because seeing him chuckle tickles me too (Do you ever do that with friends?).

But, if I’m talking to our cats Scallywag, and Earwig, I automatically assume the role of doddery old codger, talking to pets like they know every word that’s being said. Perhaps I do that because they seem to like it, and if they don’t know what I’m saying, at least they enjoy my friendly tenor.

Walking along the corridors of the local school, I assume my standard teaching voice, manner, and attitude. It’s not a dramatic difference, but it’s definitely there. Suddenly, my quietly spoken tone projects to the back row, and I’m in the mode. The kids think it’s pretty funny, cool, and “all right” (which always surprises me as I think I’m being tough, uncompromising, and strict). But I like kids and they know whether you understand them or not).

Then there’s the version who loves to encourage and motivate people to achieve. I don’t even know I’m doing it. Yet, when I put on the jacket and take up my briefcase, I’m in that zone. It all works well, except that I find my attempts of being funny are sometimes met with incredulity. Humour in the allied health realm? Surely not!

Yet when I’m playing, like tonight when I raced around the house chasing the cat, I’m a kid again and nobody bats an eyelid. It’s just Dad being crazy with his funny rag doll moggy.

As much as it’s good to be consistent about our values, it’s fun to let your self go with the conditions and see what comes up to the surface. Think about the things you say and do with close friends versus family members, children, and pets. What kind of person are you at work? Do you put on a fresh hat for different situations? Or, are you completely and utterly the same in ever way?

Still, whether it’s funny or not, I reckon we all benefit from revealing our inner pirate (especially when something gets stuck: arrgh!).


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