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Funny End of Year School Awards

March 26th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 52 secs

Funny, end of year school awards never mention me.

Stuck for some funny end of year school awards? Here are thirty-three awards that might put a smile on everyone’s dial and fuel a sense of school camaraderie. Of course, as nobody wants to be embarrassed or take the experience too seriously, remember to apply kindness and discretion to keep it fun for everyone. And remember: you don’t have to wait until the year’s last gasp. End of semester, assemblies, or class camps are all perfect times to issue awards. So go ahead and create a mememorable event.

Examples of Funny End of Year School Awards For Students  

  • The Loudest Voice in the Corridor
  • Carrying the most books and material to school daily
  • The Student Most Knowledgeable in [choose an obscure subject like: key rescue, window breaking, lost item identification, ball discovery, lock picking, etc.]
  • The Most Bling Award
  • The Neatest, Cleanest Kid Award
  • The Most Polished Shoes Award
  • The Most Polite in Spite of Everything Award
  • Most Likely to Beat Michael Jordan Award For Basketball Magic
  • For the Most Original Use of a [pick something weird, like a toothpick] Award
  • Most Likely to Be on TV Award
  • Most Long-suffering in the Face of Pain Award
  • Most Keen Couple Award
  • The IT Genius Award
  • Most Gross Storyteller Of The Year Award
  • Fastest Work in Class Award
  • Best Air Guitar Player/Air Drummer of the Year Award
  • Fastest to Leave the Class Award
  • Quickest Speaker Award
  • Most Likely to Outdo Bill Gates Award
  • The Annual Talk Underwater Award
  • Most Likely to be Famous Award
  • The Lost Property Award for The Most Items Lost in a Year
  • Most Understanding Student Award
  • Best Storyteller Award
  • Most Smiley Student Award
  • Student Best Able to Teach Others Award
  • Most Dedicated to Their Horse/Dog/Cat/or Critter Award
  • Student Award for the Most Visits to the Staffroom

Plus a Few Funny End of Year School Awards For Teachers 

  • Kiss It Better Award for the Teacher Most Likely to Apply a Plaster and Sooth a Student.
  • Mr/Ms Fixit Award for the Best Repairer and IT Troubleshooter in the School
  • Award for the Loudest Sox in a Confined Space
  • Most Amazing Lunchbox Award
  • Award for the Undisputed Champion of Coffee Consumption

Whether they are funny or not depends a lot on the atmosphere at school. But you can also think back over the year to anything that happened that was vaguely outrageous or waggish. Often, some of the best and most funny end of year school awards come from those moments.  Like a famous slip up by the Principal, or a particularly hilarious stunt that students will remember. Just be sure that those giving out the awards get some too. Above all, make sure everyone has fun!



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