Fall seven times, stand up eight.

~ Japanese Proverb ~

Funny…Did You Say Have a Bidet, or Happy B-Day?

September 10th, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 48 secs

Fun at any age

What’s a happy bidet for goodness sake?

Did you say happy bidet, or happy b-day, becasue I can’t hear so well anymore. It was bound to happen eventually. The gradual effects of age creep up on you. Like tendrils of a vine.

First, you enjoy the seeming invincibility of youth. Growing old, you observe, happens to other people. Then, by degrees, things gather apace. A science teacher friend noted with triumphant gloom that it’s all downhill after thirty. If that. Fun huh?

Wrinkles form. Then reading gets blurry and people start mumbling.  Then strange combinations of words seem to appear. “Here’s to Moping you have a Muggy Day.” Why would they put that inside a happy birthday card? Earlier this year, I got huffy with the papers stating the obvious:“Opera Running in Austria.” Well, duh! Until I took another look to see that it was actually “Oprah Coming to Australia.” Age does weird things to your senses.

Funnily enough, the kids think it’s fun too. Like a tatty amusement, I have become an accepted curiosity (Age is something  you can’t imagine until it happens). You’d think celebrating adult birthdays should be done with more reverence and solemnity the further you go, but no! Instead, you get cards with fun messages like:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           “What? You’re still alive? Congratulations!”

But though I have trouble distinguishing a happy bidet from a happy b-day (sorry, birthday), I have discovered your thinking can at least become more refined. You begin plugging in the missing parts of meanings that eluded you in your younger years. I like that. Maybe it’s part of the mellowing that goes on the more you reflect on life.

So, to me, age is not an obstacle but an opportunity for yet more good chapters. I am young, feel young in heart, and plan on remaining young whatever my age. Naturally, that won’t always work. You only need look in the mirror to see what aging is up to when you’re not looking. Yet, I’m grateful that as people get to know us for who we are, they discern us as we define ourselves.

You can choose to be whatever age you want to be with people who know you. Full of fun, you can even be a grey haired tyke if you like. Sure beats being a fuddy-duddy who wouldn’t know fun even if it tickled them on their funny bone.

That’s one of life’s greatest liberties: whether you hear happy bidet, happy b-day, happy flea day or whatever else. You get to choose who you are. Whatever your age insists.

  1. Feegs says:

    That’s a great question if you want to tease out my comment. I believe we can in some ways. Not in others. We can, for instance, choose our way of relating to each other. That single choice alone has monumental significance. But there is also evidence to suggest that we have many characteristics to our temperament that are unlikely to alter simply because we want them to.

  2. Noelle says:

    Do we really get to choose who we are?