What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life.

~ Leo Buscaglia ~

Funny By Nature

December 14th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 55 secs


Funny how some people can be witty yet generally serious. I’ve met surgeons and lawyers like that. Then there are those who get a laugh because they’ve got a joke timed for anything and everything they poke fun at. But as for me, well I don’t fit those molds.

I guess I come somewhere near the sort you laugh about because they’re funny in themselves. Something about them that makes you not want to take them too seriously. Maybe it’s because they don’t take themselves too earnestly either. Only, in my case, I take what I believe in very seriously.

I could blame it on my funny upbringing. Only that doesn’t explain why the rest of the family are straight laced. My father was a dour Prussian with an old European way about him. Yet, he also had the weirdest, most offbeat sense of humor to boot. It could have been his Jewish roots and all those Yiddish borders his mother took in when times were hard. At least, that’s the best way I can explain it.

My mother, on the other hand, was a scream. Yes, she was funny. Yet, she also had a dark side to her, which tinged a lot of funny moments with difficulty. Maybe it was her borderline personality disorder that did it? Whatever, she could be hilarious. When she did crazy mixed up things, we either laughed or we groaned.

Between the two and their immigrant ways in Australia, there was a kind of wackiness to our upbringing that tarred us forever. I expect almost every first generation kid knows what I mean by that. That sense that you can’t quite escape the dichotomy of being a little bit weird in two cultures at once. Which is the reason I give for why I came out funny.

Having polar opposites to my temperament helps too of course. I can usually see the funny and serious sides of most things instantly. Then I mentally wander down one way or the other to investigate further. Strange? Definitely.

It also means feeling like a misfit for years. When you’re certain you don’t belong anywhere precisely, there’s a vague and niggling feeling you perhaps you shouldn’t be here. Naturally, that’s not even slightly funny. But it is telling and it makes me much more accepting of others. And you realize that sometimes, just belonging is hard enough.

If you regularly read my posts, you know I think a lot. And it just so happens that I believe none of us should take ourselves too seriously, Instead, we are better to laugh at ourselves and see the funny side of our ways more often than not, while we make it a practice to think about the life we’re living.

As I keep growing up, I find people who are funny because they’re happy most appealing. Their carefree nature means they don’t mind showing their vulnerabilities and they are okay about laughing about the funny things they do. Notably, that’s what children also tend to do when they feel safe and well loved. So, it’s not only attractive but I find it a sign of healthy balance.

Ordinarily, I avoid talking about myself in posts. Yet, now and again I like to share “about the author” with you, so you know it really is me (with the solar reflector and the cat, Scallywag, actually is my funny little furry buddy).

As far as I know, it’s the only site on the web dedicated to helping you find more happiness in your life through a combination of serious ideas and playful nonsense. Though it seems more serious than funny to me, people tell me otherwise. So, you can be the best judge of that.

But, if these posts and my book help and encourage you to feel at ease, than that surely is a very good thing. If they get you thinking about how to deepen your relationships and find greater fulfillment, then that’s immensely important. After all, they are what my mission is about: not to just be funny but to help you to find your own lasting happiness.

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