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Funny But Are You Having First World Problems Too?

February 7th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 16 secs

Well it didn't seem that funny at first. But now it is kind of crazy.

My eldest son was busy poking fun at our first world problems this morning. Here we were, stuck because we didn’t have dishwashing powder! Never mind  filling up the sink and actually handwashing the dishes. The more I thought about it the more I understood how funny first world problems look versus third world issues.

I mean, the CD player in the car keeps skipping, the health insurance company is being unreasonable, and the cats won’t eat their meat. Compare those difficulties with knowing there’s barely enough to eat today, medical treatment is no longer available in the region, and your family’s drinking water is polluted.

Funny how we lose sight of things, isn’t it? When we get too wrapped up in our own problems it’s all too easy to find yourself majoring over a minor. The solution? Perspective. Seeing things from a wider viewpoint puts everything into scale. So you don’t see the point of losing your composure when someone cuts you off in traffic. Nor do you keep chewing over the bad service you received last week. Yes, these things are irritating. But put into perspective, they are more like pesky mosquitoes than things to get really riled about. The more you think it through, the more funny many of our problems appear when placed in a greater perspective.

So next time your Internet is slow, your phone credit seems dangerously low, and you’ve just missed the latest sale, decide to find the funny side. Unless it’s a life or death issue, chances are there’s a laugh in there somewhere.

Now where was I? Oh yes. It’s funny, but I just can’t find a proper alternative to dishwashing powder on Google…


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