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Friends Make a Place

January 12th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 50 secs

With a friend just about anywhere feels like home.

Friends turn virtually anywhere into a great place to visit. You can be far away from familiarity and barely have a clue where you are. But if you have a friend in the area, you’ll soon start feeling right at home.

We flew in Sydney late today via Melbourne through the bushfire haze and though I’m not a big city boy by nature Sydney has much to like. Still, it wouldn’t have much hold on me if it weren’t for a good friend. Suddenly, everything seems much more personable in his location, thanks to that sense of personal connection.

Then there’s the benefit of an instant network, because your friend knows other friends who would probably be glad to get to know you too. Stay long enough and chances are you’ll be putting roots down as well, thanks to friends of friends.

You can ooh and ahh about the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, and the magnificent Harbor. But, in the end, it’s friends that give any place the appeal to bring you back.

I’ve been to a few places that have been incredibly scenic and breathtakingly beautiful. But because I didn’t get to know anyone there, those locations feel less compelling. That’s where a friend changes everything.

Go somewhere, anywhere, and if you have a friend close by they will give the region more meaning. Places come alive when you connect with locals and who better than a friend to go about showing you how.

No brochure mentions them, and no promotion ever proclaims their presence. But visiting your friend’s hometown makes it somehow special, with them being the key attraction.

Connections draw you in through a sense of belonging. For instance, if you have a friend in New York, Moscow, or Berlin, you feel more of a sense of ownership of the place. Through a friend, places gain personal perspective, which only enhances their attraction.

This means places aren’t special or lack significance in themselves. Just that remarkable sights come second to the charm, appeal, and hospitality of dependable friends.

For, whenever you are a long way from home, there’s nothing like the sight of a good friend to put you at ease. They are, undoubtedly, the loveliest vision you’ll ever see when you are tired, footsore, and “stomach grumblingly” hungry. Better yet, you won’t need to queue to get a ticket!

Just enjoy the blessing of friends wherever you go and enjoy treating them as well or better than they do you to share your gratitude. Enjoy!


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