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Foolish Insurance

November 17th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 18 secs

Why are some insurance questions so foolish and futile?

Why are some insurance questions so foolish and futile?

Funny how some companies make themselves look foolish.  Like, life insurance for example. Stupid firms will interrogate potential clients with inane questions, believing they are doing their bit to mitigate undue risk.

Yet, despite the glossy brochures and big money image, every organization rests completely on the caliber of its employees. So, if the staff are “a sandwich short of a cut lunch”, you can expect some of the questioning to be strangely peculiar.

Friends of ours wanted to up their life insurance (at their broker’s suggestion). So they went with the firm he recommended, expecting the process to go through a formal and professional process.

Instead, they started receiving strange phone calls at all hours, from different people representing ACME Insurance. Each, kept insisting on repeatedly questioning them in a strange and haphazard manner.

“So, you want to have life insurance Mr Phelps. Tell me, do you enjoy good health?”


 “You do? That’s good. What about cancer?”

“Nobody in our family has had cancer. Though… I’ve got a friend who once had skin cancer. But he had it cut out.”

“Uh huh. This friend: how well do you know him?”

“Really well”.

“Hmm. Then have you been checked out in case you’ve caught it from him


“Let me ask you, Mr Flepps. Have you ever had a disease that has had side effects?”


“Has anyone in your family ever been really sick?”

“Well, umm”

“Have you ever lied, Mr Phlapps?”

“Pardon me?”

“When do you expect to die” Say yes to either: 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, 20…”

And so it goes. Shrouded in the status of company business, foolish insurance agents can be manipulative, ignorant, and embarrassingly stupid.

Now I know outrageous behavior isn’t the preserve of one industry (every area has it’s ridiculous participants). But those who wield the most power in unwholesome ways certainly deserve to be ousted, or at least be held up to scrutiny.

Real professionals in the insurance industry wince at the ridiculousness of these practices, knowing that it gives their industry a bad name. Yet, despite checks and balances, cavalier insurance cowboys continue to ply their trade with behavior that’s nothing less than cringeworthy.

Any questions that resemble the following…

  1. “May I ask you what color your urine is today?”
  2. “Do you ever feel bloated? Or, do you know anybody who gets bloated?”
  3. “Do you like your doctor, and if so how much?”
  4. “Have you ever had a sore back or do you think you could get a sore back one day?”
  5. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you describe your health/your great grandparents’ health/and the health of your pets?”
  6. “Can you explain in at least 250 words why you would like insurance?”
  7. “Have you ever met someone who was denied insurance?
  8. “Will you ever make a claim?”
  9. “Can you prove that you want to be insured?”
  10. “Have you ever felt like eating something weird?”

… prove nothing more than the corporation and its representatives are intoxicated with their own importance and have descended into a kind of pseudo-statistical babble that’s baseless, foolish, and plain time wasting. In such situations, kindly show them the door or hang up and find someone else with a modicum of sense.

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