There is little success where there is little laughter.

~ Andrew Carnegie ~

Finding Happy Answers

November 29th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 15 secs

Happiness is always best shared.

Aside from being happy yourself, there are other aspects to happiness that make it a potent influence.

How many people shake their head or shrug their shoulders at situations, feeling anything but happy about their lack of power to fix them? This kind of helplessness creates a background of frustration and cynicism in people’s lives that never finds a positive way out. Instead it festers, to eventually create a malaise of resigned indifference.

But it needn’t be that way because there are better ways to make things happen. Nor do you have to become a radical activist to do it. Creating happy action is not that hard to do if you follow a few steps.

There are plenty of ways to make life more happy, but this approach specifically harnesses the power of friendship to do it. Here’s what I mean:

  1. Firstly, get together with several friends who feel like you do. Agree that you are going to help each other find better ways to generate happiness in each of your lives through mutual support.
  2. Then talk about the things that are bothering you about your personal life. Consider what irks you and what you’d like to see done about it. Write these down to create a baseline of issues, so it doesn’t just dissolve into a blame fest.
  3. Next, create a new list. Ask what could feasibly be achieved to improve these things. If there are a lot of topics, only pick one or two issues each (to help you focus). The more you can work out how these matters can be overcome in a practical, step by step way, the better. Again, write these down as clear points.
  4. Now, ask yourselves what you are individually prepared to commit to doing to bring about these improvements. Give yourself specific timeframes and clear action steps to achieve realistic goals, so it’s easy to see you are achieving. Then do it. Start as you would finish, your purposes in mind and be prepared to learn on the way.
  5. Having defined your own action to make your immediate world a happier place, keep meeting with your friends again and again to keep you on track. Compare progress, talk it over, and find out what works, and what you wish would.

There are countless ways to share happiness. But you only need a few to do a lot of good in your life. If you think the above approach to promoting a happy, more liveable life isn’t for you, that’s okay too! Just be sure to find another way that works best for you.

When you are happy, that’s a beautiful thing. When you share that happiness the process gets momentum. By creating something worthy in the lives of people around you, life assumes greater dimensions. So that something as seemingly lightweight as happiness lifts people up in their own situation.

That’s part of what a happy life is all about. It’s not just us, but what we make that adds value to the lives of those around us. When you are deep down happy one thing is covered: you have already become an encourager.

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