A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil.

~ Victor Hugo ~

Find Your Inspirers

November 6th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 54 secs

You can find inspiration in all sorts of realms.

You can find inspiration in all sorts of realms.

Inspiration is everywhere. Though, when you really you need it, that’s when it can vanish into thin air.

So find your inspirers. Not just one or two, but more than a few. From time to time you will benefit from each one. So be generous in finding your inspiration.

Don’t have any inspirers in your life right now?  No problem. Just make finding some your silent priority.

Out there around you there are people who will lift you. By their words and deeds you discover better ways to feel about yourself (and the situation you are in).

Is this all mumbo jumbo? Or, just another pep talk to try to cheer you up? I don’t believe so. You need people to look up to. If you don’t see any, it’s easy to feel like you are on your own without a paddle in a barbed wire canoe, trying to make headway on a very whiffy creek.

So find some inspirers now. Some might be people you happen to know because they are famous. While others might only be heroes to you.

Perhaps you have an encouraging parent, grandparent, or friend. Maybe somebody you work with who motivates you to be better at what you do.

I heartily recommend you start collecting inspiring people in your life. Look them up. Hunt them down. Then spend time learning from them every way you can.

For some, the best way will be through reading a book, watching them in action, or researching about their life. For others, it could be over a coffee or tea at a cozy kitchen table, talking about life.

Choosing your inspirers is a defining process. For each will shape you to some extent, bringing out the qualities that you value most. Inevitably, you will find you’ll listen more to one than another at various times. That’s fine, because at different stages you need that kind of tailored advice (and one person is unlikely to be there on every occasion).

Having recommended you find your inspirers I am now going to admit there’s a catch. Motivation is not just for the taking but sharing. Meaning you need to be an inspirer for others too. Consider it a form of recycling! Rather than only being a receiver, encouraging others prevents us from being passive. It also helps the best understandings we receive to sink in.

Think about this and let it roll around in your mind for a while. Even if you have a few, you need to find more inspirers. As you do, keep enhancing your own deeds and be an inspirer too.

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