We are what we believe we are.

~ C S Lewis ~

Feeling Ground Down?

June 15th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 2 secs

Are all of life's routines getting you down?

Are all of life’s routines getting you down?

Are you ground down by the pressured monotony of life? I mean, are you so tired of the same old, same old that you are fed up and find it almost too hard to think about?

Well, lots of people are ground down. They’ve been doing the routine things that make life continue but there’s no sparkle left in anything. Instead, day-by-day duties rob all the joy out of being, turning life into not much more than a monotonous existence.

I feel for anyone caught in that experience. When life loses it’s brightness and routine takes pre-eminence it’s hard to see how anything can get any better. So can it be possible?

Being ground down is, by definition, a state where we can no longer muster the vitality to see anything different. It’s like a sticky trap that keeps you in place, preventing you from doing anything different to change the situation.

Besides which, life seems to conspire against us. We have bills to pay, job responsibilities, kids to raise, and other obligations. Caught in a ground down state, there seems to be no way out.

And yet, there is a way of escape. Deceptively, the key to our own personal freedom is in our own hands, and nor do we need to leave to experience it.

Happiness in the form of happy moments and an abiding satisfaction are closer to most of us than we know. Through whimsical, childlike playfulness, and a thoughtful approach to who we are, a transformation can happen. Meaning, even the most ground down person can relate to the kindness of a child and their open appreciation of love and all things good. Which is why getting to know children is a great place to start.

Spending time with little kids and actively listening to their ideas and how they view life is a revelation for jaded eyes and an unhappy heart. Finding play and forgetting about being a serious grown up (at least for a while) liberates the spirit and frees up your mind, ground down or not.

Meanwhile, beginning the process of questioning the merit of everything is a potent reappraisal of how we’ve got where we are definitely challenges entrenched patterns. Though some regard questioning as threatening, I prefer to view it as matter of “checking”, or “quality control”. Rest assured, whatever is good, noble, and true to the core passes with flying colors. Whilst some of the rest might not past the test. But let me ask you; is that such a bad thing to review?

Ultimately, the more personal meaning we live with, combined with a life given to expressing, playfulness, and appreciation will turn even the most hopelessly ground down existence into a triumph. After all, it’s not your past that decides your life, but what you make your tomorrow to be… starting from now.

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