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Feel The Fear And Fail Anyway

August 7th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 24 secs

Feeling fearful?

Feeling fearful?

Pushing through fear doesn’t guarantee anything. There is no certainty that sheer will is going to make you succeed. But it definitely helps.

One of the key aspects of fear is that our anxiety actually feeds it. Like a black hole, it draws our energies toward its vortex and at times it really can feel like it’s all consuming. So how do we quell its energy?

One way is to take back control and dare to do what fear tells you is impossible. In other words, if you fear heights, climb a ladder. Too scared to ask for a date? Go and ask someone out.

It’s more than the result, which might even be negative. The power lies in us deciding to face our fears full on, and by pushing through we make them shrink.

If you had a fear of going out into the public, you know therefore what the best course of action is. If terror strikes your heart at the mere mention of spiders, it’s time to get expert help and stop letting those 8 legged renegades push you around. Whatever causes you to freeze up, the best approach is to stop “running” and start heading directly and determinedly towards it.

Of course, some fears are entirely sensible and we ought to heed them. But the great majority of things we worry about are much less of a threat than we perceive.

Now this does take courage (no question), and initial attempts to overcome a matter of anxiety could well meet with failure. But that’s totally okay as breaking through the fear state is a process. You’ve got to keep doing whatever challenges your fears until they lose their grip on you. It isn’t easy, it’s true, and you may well need help. But it’s definitely worth it, because you have important things to do in life and fears merely get in the way.

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