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~ Dorothy Parker ~

Feeding the Winter Spirit in Tasmania

May 27th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 49 secs

What's wrong with feeding the winter spirit in summer?

Brrr! It’s cold! Time to start feeding the winter spirit with all things cosy and warm to face the bracing chill. Sorry if I’m confusing you. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere you’d naturally be enjoying the warmer weather and the coming of summer. But here in Tasmania on the edge of the Earth, our seasons are completely topsy-turvy. That means late May is definitely time to rug up and snuggle in.

If you think these seasons are weird, spare a thought for Aussies in the temperate zone. All those songs about:

  • The merry month of May (in our Autumn)
  • Those long sunny days…in July? (that’s slap bang in the middle of winter darkness), and
  • Michael Buble’s “Cold December Night”

seem silly, given December is hot Downunder. It’s hardly the time to be feeding the winter spirit. Which brings me to Christmas snow and sleigh bells and how confusing they seem too.

Left to sort out this Christmas mess, Australians try to make sense of the heat beating down upon their “yuletide” roof. With so many of our Christmas traditions set in snow, the entire season is confusing. So what do we do? Well, what would you do? For purists, it means celebrating Christmas in July to keep it neat (which really is about feeding the winter spirit!).

Thankfully, despite the doubt, we plucky Aussies have sorted it out. Without officially declaring anything, we long ago decided to celebrate everything! Santa Claus and snow scenes happily go up everywhere on days baking in 102F/39C degree heat. Alongside, we’ll do barbecues in the backyard and be down by the beach, playing Christmas cricket, and having picnics. So if it isn’t seafood and steaks with salad for Christmas lunch, it’ll be a full roast with oven-baked vegetables, gravy, and plum pudding. When it comes to the mixed up seasons of Christmas, both summer and the winter spirit are guaranteed to get a good feed.

Maybe it’s that adaptability that makes us glad, because we enjoy it all. When the darkness of winter creeps in, feeding the winter spirit with good cheer, warm crackling fires, and hot cups of something comforting feels especially good. Here on the edge of the World, in this remote yet cosy place, it makes me appreciate being here and marvel at how unique the world is where you live. Whatever climate you find yourself, my wish is that in the passing of your seasons you also find delight. So that in drinking it all in, you too will find your spirit fed.


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