One joy shatters a hundred griefs.

~ Chinese Proverb ~

Feeding Her Fan Base

June 26th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 4 secs

Will this feed her fan base?

When it comes to feeding her fan base, you have to hand it to Kim Kardashian. Using a well-massaged strategy that any publicist would be bursting with pride over, Ms Kardashian took the public’s he said/she said fixation and milked it for every drop. Effective? Millions say yes. Of any enobling value to humanity? Hmmm…

That’s the trouble with marketing hype. It generally whips up a fevered frenzy over surprisingly little. Releasing a new teeth whitener with 25% more zing will easily eclipse news of an international strategy to fight world hunger. Ridiculous, isn’t it? But the teeth whitening power brokers, and Ms K. feeding her fan base, aren’t into anything enduring. They’re merely profiteering.

You see the same in Lady Ga Ga. Actually, her real name is Stefani Germanotta. Following a similar script to Madonna (aka Madonna Ciccone), she is obviously following a carefully choreographed plan to manufacture herself into a monolithic media icon. Feeding her fan base with all things outrageous, the musical performer has cracked open the media’s need for slip-in stories that fit the fifteen second grab. Through a scripted image she has become an entertainment megastar, generating international demand.

Are these people talented? Certainly. Combined with their media savvy shrewdness, they have worked tirelessly to scale the heights of their field. Having done that, they have shaped people’s thinking. So that now, feeding their fan base is more like a quasi news update.

Though squeezing out more meaningful communication, there’s nothing particularly bad about that. Besides, people can choose, can’t they? At least, that’s the standard line. People want froth, and they are prepared to pay for it. So step aside, or risk getting crushed in the stampede. If not for Lady Ga-Ga, and Kim Kardashian, others would quickly take over their spot. Such is the insatiable appetite for what they’re offering.

So what if you are not a devotee? Then I guess, like me, you’re supposedly part of the minority: the kind of individual who appreciates real people revealing their talents stunt free. We don’t need a diva “feeding” her fan base with scheming media releases. Just people with qualities of character, and talent that comes from dedicated passion.

While entertainment empires rule the airwaves these days, I remain smitten with admiration for the talent of those who don’t need the media machine. Not only singers, actors, and athletes, but also scientists, specialists, poets, and designers. I marvel at the mindpower of tech heads, and am in awe at the insights of artists. All their talent combined with personal qualities creates something brilliantly synergistic. And best of all, it’s real.

Despite the demand, the typical paparazzi-powered entertainer feeding her fan base with excited hype leaves my eyes rolling. To me, real people of integrity achieving in all sorts of realms are our heroes. Being quiet achievers, you find them. Then, through the quality of their work, you experience something extra: the surprise and wonder of discovery.


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