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Fancy a Royal Family Wedding?

April 26th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 5 secs

There's nothing quite like a royal family wedding ride by.

Like most guys, I don’t know much about royal family wedding events. Come to think of it, I’m pretty much clueless on all royal occasions. I sort of know a bit. But the real expert in the household is my wife, Ruth.

You might like to squeeze in a little escapism here and there, in the form of indulging a beloved hobby. In Ruth’s case, finding out what’s happening with the royals is her favorite escape. For instance, what are Prince William and his wife, Kate, doing right now? Since their royal family wedding extravaganza, which now seems so long ago, what else is happening in the House of Windsor?

What are Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip doing, and how do they manage to be so dynamic at their remarkable age? Given it’s the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee they’re certainly busy. As for Prince Harry, will he ever tie the knot with someone special and provide devotees with another royal family wedding to marvel at?

Now that Crown Prince Fredrick from the Danish Royal Family is married to a Tasmanian (“our” Mary), Ruth is an ardent follower of them too. Their Danish Royal Family wedding, back in May 2004, was also a spectacular event. Full of pomp and ceremony, there was plenty of grandeur and royal ritual to captivate Ruth, and even keep the rest of us TV glued.

That’s pretty impressive, given I’m not a royal fan. Not that I am against royalty. Just that I didn’t expect to be interested in yet another royal family wedding. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I believe we are each born equal. Instead of some being loftier than others, I hold the view we are all born lofty. It’s just what happens in life that shuffles our position in the deck. That’s why I wondered what possible benefit could there be in watching royalty.

Ruth, however, has patiently explained and taught me a right royal thing or two. She says that instead of simply swanning about in tiaras and top hats, most royal families are now very active in supporting their public. Choosing charities that genuinely make a difference, and supporting keen local suppliers, they work hard to lift the lives of people community wide. Though they don’t have to, most modern royals are diligent and devoted leaders, using their position and traditions to encourage, promote, and ennoble.

So I have learned that there’s a lot more to monarchy than kings and queens, royal rules, and lavish royal family wedding do’s. Ruth has taught me to appreciate that people in privileged position can certainly do a tremendous amount of good. Not just practically, but by giving us a touch of spectacle and romance. Deep down, I guess a lot of us like that. And as long as they lead the way with noble actions, it’s a fairytale image that I’m happy to buy into too.



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