Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.

~ Euripides ~

Family Test You Out

December 30th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 45 secs

Your family are offering a free daily workout…

So what do you discover when your family tests you out? Are you more gracious? More accepting? Or, ready to scream the house down and slam every door, whether they need it or not?

Be it little children tugging at your leg, or big kids and teens dictating the scene, family can be a tough gig. Not to mention the out of town relatives who decide they want to descend on you when it certainly doesn’t suit you. Or, your nearest sister, who keeps coming round and letting herself in the house at surprising times… you definitely need to develop a thick skin.

Perhaps that’s good too. Having a tougher hide to cope when things are out of our control can be handy. Besides, if you can survive family life, you can survive “real” life.

Viewed as a proving ground, family hassles, snarls, and tussles hone us for handling everybody else we come across. I mean, if you know how to pacify a distraught 2 year old, you can probably pacify most folk without breaking into a sweat.

Think it’s all bad and plain annoying? Well, you and “X” million others do too. But that doesn’t stop family life going on, shaping us, and making us grow.

Sometimes, we do it as a reaction. At others, our development occurs harmoniously. But whatever way we change in response to what family life throws our way, there’s no denying it leads to growing pains.

When your teen declares you to “…positively be the worst mother that has ever lived”, take a ticket and join the queue with all the other “worst mothers” ahead of you. Criticism that cuts to the core is always painful. But the real reason kids do it is because they’re growing up, not because of you at all.

Plus the way they jumble up your home and turn you into their “domestic slave” isn’t about you, but your role. One day, when their brain is fully formed, they’ll cotton on. But now is the time to keep on carrying on. Your family demands it.

Will they, one day, award a medal to you for all your hard work, sleepless nights, and selfless help? Unlikely. But you’re investing in family, and that’s always a smart thing to do. So, give yourself a pat on the back and remember that family does test you out. It’s natural (like an ingrown toenail).


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