Once you can laugh at your own weaknesses, you can move forward.

~ Goldie Hawn ~

Faint Praise

July 18th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 35 secs

Give praise whenever and wherever it's due.

Give praise whenever and wherever it’s due.

There’s something about praise in the form of a “Like” on Facebook. We appreciate it as a form of recognition. But it carries all the heft of feather in commitment.

Some say, “Well that’s because it reflects Gen Y’s outlook on life. If it amuses it’s okay, but for goodness sake don’t commit to anything”.  That has to be a massive generalization. Yet, the phenomenon of praising people at arm’s length is something that has only appeared with the rise of social media.

Like the disassociation from people we speak to on the Internet. Tonight we might be ebuddies. But don’t even think about meeting. Or, more commonly, what gets said online stays separate from whatever gets said when we’re face to face spending time.

Cutting loose from commitment is, in many ways, an entirely understandable response. As a kind of coping mechanism, it makes it easier to handle the ongoing bombardment of information and obligation that modern life brings.

Still, there are those like me who remain the romantics. We value the expression of praise as a strong and ongoing thing. To see connection in one aspect of life with others. That is our paradigm.

You could say, “Well, perhaps it’s time you got with the program!” And I would, except that diluting the quality of relationships and feeding into indifference clashes with everything I believe in.

Technology is a useful tool but a dubious guide. When we forego dignity and loyalty because our mediums let us sidestep them raises a very big red flag.

So I say, praise and praise well. By all means, hit the “Like” button as much as we can. But also be prepared to pay tribute to people beyond our cyber life. Show folks the good in you with real deeds of love, care, and encouragement. Be there for people and make it a priority.

There is a lot of good behind clicking “Like” but it’s not enough. If we back up our gratitude with commensurate action then, and only then, is the circle complete. At that point, people will discover just how encouraging we are.

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