Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.

~ Estonian Proverb ~

Everyone Loves Yvonne…the Happy Cow!

September 21st, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 23 secs

Happy cows will stop at nothing

In case you didn’t catch it, Yvonne is the happy cow that Germany learned to love. Why? Well Yvonne managed to escape her abattoir end by busting out and going on the lam, er, cow for three whole months! Yes, Yvonne did what every wise cow should do and headed for the hills; hiding within the forests of Southern Germany.

Doing so made Yvonne an icon of freedom. That sense of wanting to run away from our fate and make life our own was reflected in one cow’s courage to face the odds. And who can blame her?

As it turned out, nobody did. Instead, Yvonne (as she came to be christened) became something of a bovine celebrity, grabbing the headlines as authorities tried their best to capture the much-loved beast. Attempts by her owner, police, farmers, and even a clairvoyant to flush Yvonne from her hiding place proved fruitless; and the public loved it.

Predictably, the community’s love for news about Yvonne translated into a Facebook page and even a hit song, which in response got repeated radio requests.

In the end though, even good escape artists get caught and Yvonne was no exception. But for the lovely Yvonne, it all led to a decidedly happy ending.

Captured by the deep “baritone moo” of a nearby bull (and a tranquilizer dart), Yvonne took her shot for love. Smitten by Ernst, the mooing suitor who drew her out from the forest, Yvonne forsook her freedom for the sake of blossoming bovine love

According to Michael Aufhauser, manager of Aiderbichl animal sanctuary in Deggendorf, Yvonne couldn’t resist Ernst’s charms. “He is the George Clooney of bulls,” he said.

Happily, the happy cow that wowed the German public has also won a permanent home at the sanctuary. Whether she got her stud or not is unclear. But at least she can enjoy the rest of her days freely frolicking in the fields to her happy cow heart’s content.


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